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  1. Piotr Zielinski of Udinese has caught many big clubs eyes because of his strong play this campaign. Napoli are after the player and they were very close to finding a deal with Udinese but they are not the only ones after the player. In the past hour, Liverpool have offered 12 million euros for the player. This is an important offer and Liverpool are quite confident with this offer, especially considering the fact that they also have the players consent. Napoli on the other hand are still waiting for Zielinski's answer. Liverpool and Napoli seem ready to battle it out for the signing of Zielins
  2. A Snowball is incomplete without a generous shot of gin.
  3. he spits on liverpool and farts in klopps general direction
  4. No signing a 34 year old on whatever he wants is big licks apparently
  5. We finished 6 points behind them after forgoing the league with God knows how many matches left, I think sums should be done after taking that into account tbh
  6. www.utilitydesign.co.uk/alessi-tic-watch-al5032
  7. You haven't mentioned our depleted/bumper warchest tbh
  8. https://www.voetbalkrant.com/nl/nieuws/lees/2016-05-31/samuel-bastien-trekt-dan-toch-naar-liverpool
  9. Are you saying these excuses are coming from within the club or just fans customers supporters
  10. loads of house made of sandstone in Aigburth and the surrounds
  11. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/germany-boss-backs-mario-gotzes-11384968
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