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  1. charlie clown


    Isn't it just deferring the redundancies until January though? If they get the £1k per employee if they retain them until them, what's the incentive to keep them on beyond that? And if there isn't one, as Gilps said, £1k is not a huge lot of help, especially if you don't get it for another six months.
  2. Anny Road is a logistics person - he may be more involved in transportation that warehousing though. My day job is with a company whose main revenues are from the sale and implementation of software for business (specifically SAP) and a fair chunk of that is about warehouse management. Whether it is worth pursuing SAP as an option will very much depend on what size of operation you are talking about though, and how automated you need it to be (e.g. do you have wireless bar code reading guns to help identify stock and tied it to particular locations - all that mullarkey).
  3. Not considered that at all given that we weren't selling the property/asset -- just assumed that as we (well, Anne and her brother) have full power of attorney they could just go ahead with impunity. Can you suggest anything we could look at to provide a steer?
  4. My daughter worked her way through all of that over the last few weeks - every time I sat through an episode I quite enjoyed it overall but Katherine O'Hara's accent was making my want to damage something. Excruciating.
  5. Sorry to hear that Walrus. I;s horrible isn't it. Even in the mere two weeks that the m-i-l has been in the home our quality of life has improved immeasurably , despite lockdown, and the one phone call we've had with her was such a punishing experience emotionally for Mrs.Clown that I think it has thankfully closed the debate about whether the m-i-l comes back to us at some point (an emphatic 'NO'). As you say, best for everyone. We are going to speak with the b-i-l tomorrow to look at options about how to fund it - my go-to option would be to clear out the m-i-l's house, re-fit the kitchen and bathroom and then start renting it. It won't cover all of the care costs but will be a hell of a lot better than just eating into her savings.
  6. The reason it's on my 'second chance' list (feck off Pipnasty) is that I've really enjoyed pretty much every other Mann film I've seen so I've assumed I just watched Heat in a not very receptive mood. But as you say, at around the three hour mark it's not one to just kill a bit of spare time on a wet Sunday afternoon.
  7. The last election shows though that having policies that can really make a difference are of secondary importance, if that, as far as the electorate are concerned. They are (or were at the last three elections) much more swayed by personalities, slogans and cutting through big issues. The only way Labour can get past that is by directly intervening positively at a local level and making a genuine difference there, build up from that base,
  8. Same here. It was hyped up so much that I found it all a bit underwhelming when I got to see it and I've never re-watched it since. I'll maybe have another crack at it one of these days but I'm not in any rush.
  9. I've never yet made a curry from scratch at home that has hit the spot for me. I wish I could. I don't know if it's a recipe thing, the quality of my ingredients, me being a bad cook or what.
  10. We've applied for planning permission to convert an outbuilding into a usable space instead of the crumbling, hollow shell that it is currently. First application was rejected on grounds of it not complying with some vague heritage requirements (it's about 180 years old). We commissioned a heritage survey and report and re-applied with updates to the application based on that report and learned yesterday that that second application has also been rejected. The council's letter says that they issued a ten point list of issues that needed to be addressed in our application before they could approve it. Only no one outside the council office seems to be aware of this ten point list. They didn't tell us they didn't tell our architect. they didn't tell our heritage surveyor. The f***ers have effectively cost us about £800 because they didn't tell us about a secret document. I feel like registering an official complaint but I'm also aware that it will likely be a soul-destroying process that will result in no action being taken at all and no hope of re-couping any of that money and that we will still need to pay in full for the next application.
  11. A propos of nothing in particular, other than the mention of Red October, Sean Connery will be 90 next month. In my head he is still James Bond.
  12. That's great news NR. Really glad to hear it's finally all been sorted, seems to have been a long time in the planning. Not understanding the bit about hitting the bottle though I thought that was what lockdown was for.
  13. 1 Jeru Tha Damaja (obvs) 2 Cannibal Ox 3 The Boredoms 4 Unseen Terror 5 Morricone 6 Cradle Of Filth 7 Ariana Grande 8 7L & Esoteric 9 Sunburned Hand Of The Man 10 Milton Nascimento (may not be entirely accurate)
  14. He's had a fantastic innings but really sad to hear that this morning. He is the one musician that all five of my family members agree on as being in a notional shared top ten. His music has played a really big part in our family life one way or another and it feels a little bit like we've lost one of ours.
  15. Spotted that the BBC iPlayer has an unusually decent range of films available at the moment - a really good selection of old B&W stuff from the 30s, 40s & 50s. Watched Idiocracy last night - watched it when it came out a good few years back (2005/6 IIRC) and have been thinking recently that it might look more like a documentary now rather than a futuristic comedy. It doesn't; though, the U.S. President is merely insane. Still made me laugh a few times. An enjoyable hour & a half.
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