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  1. 100% but I’m just going to get my retaliation in first by saying that I will be going there for a weekend in November which I am declaring now in a miserable attempt to pre-empt any KAMF-style forum retribution. QED 😆
  2. Aye but can you imagine all the steampunk day trippers piling in of a weekend?
  3. Thiago Alcantarra in the marketplace Jurgen said come on and giz a hand Thiago says to Jurgen oh I like this place And Jurgen says this as he plays before the fans Ob-la-dee-ob-la-dah, life goes on, bra, Thiago and the Reds march on Ob-la-dee-ob-la-dah, life goes on, bra, Thiago and the Reds march on
  4. Billings gone for 57 - never really got hold of it..
  5. My grandad used to say "I'm going to see Auntie" when he was going for his mid-morning dump.
  6. Yeah, I get all that. It just annoys me that MS give you Edge on a machine but then their own apps don't try and open links in Edge; it still all default to IE. Its like they've not finished their own work. Piss poor UX.
  7. Internet Explorer. Yeah, I know, but hear me out. It is massively annoying that opening docs, links etc. from the likes of MS office applications takes you to IE as the default browser but when half the time IE doesn't support the formats etc. or the page that it lands on is not supported in IE, I can;t help thinking "WHY!?!", Especially when it takes you to one of MS's own pages etc. And today I've opened YNWA as I do on most days, in IE, and the appearance of the site has changed completely and is unreadable and unusable. Switch to Chrome and it is it's good old self again, everythi
  8. In his head the future probably still looks like that to him and his ilk. Utterly delusional. Never going to admit the utter cesspool and disaster they have ushered in.
  9. When I first bought that (many years back) I played it and thought, nah, but returning to it quite a while later I played it back a few times and it really grew on me. I think it's one of those albums in his back catalogue that gets ignored/forgotten but is definitely in the top ten of his studio output I think.
  10. That photo looks nothing like Rachel Sterling. It's obviously her given who else is in the pic but it's mad how she just doesn't look anything like herself.
  11. Reminds me of that story of Steely Dan having Michael McDonald do some vocals for (I think it was) Peg on the Aja album and Becker & Fagan made him sing every vocal line of every note of every chord that the song went through so that his voice is effectively singing the full chord at any point just as much as the rhythm guitars or keyboard block chords are.
  12. I seem to be really struggling to find any films that pique my interest on Netflix and Prime currently. The less well known stuff that is top drawer such as Fish Tank, Leave No Trace, Winter's Bone etc. I've seen and really enjoyed but everything else just looks too familiar or just meh... is there anything else worth bothering with that isn't in the "really obvious big name movies" category?
  13. Gutted. Mrs.Emma Peel is arguably my favourite ever woman.
  14. With any luck he's rotting away painfully from festering, irreversible syphilis.
  15. The only surprising thing in all of that is that none of it is at all surprising.
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