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  1. She sounds totally incapable of holding a meaningful conversation with any other person because her only mode of communication is stream of consciousness broadcast.
  2. The phrase 'sentient beings' has fallen into popular parlance. But obviously it was wrong all along It should be 'sentient bridges'.
  3. I bet multiples of 5 are popular as well.
  4. Oooh, they're nice. I always think that if you.re going down the route of having the same numbers every time you'd be better sticking mostly to the numbers above 31. 1-31 are all potential birthdays so will be popular choices. If winning combos come up including numbers 1-31 you'll likely be sharing your winnings with plenty of other people. If your numbers are all above thirty-one you're not involving anyone who's mum was born on the 16th of November or whatever.
  5. Ah, right, I hadn't joined the dots there, I assumed we were talking about Don Johnson. Watched a very odd and slightly disconcerting short film called Nimic last night. Matt Dillon plays a cellist whose life is taken over by a complete stranger. Well worth 12 minutes of anyone's time.
  6. Yeah so Flynn's obviously got plenty more dirt on Trump otherwise why else should he have pardoned him?
  7. Yeah, or leave the rinsing until a while later (half an hour-ish minimum), Good work all round, Murph. Well done, sir.
  8. Why's that? Has he done some bad stuff?
  9. What's that? Half a night's takings on a slow Monday?
  10. I've just read that the U.S. has reported 100,000 new cases every day for the past 28 days. 😯
  11. No but if Obama had made a significant degree of difference to the well-being, hopes and aspirations of those at the bottom end of the socio-economic spectrum and shifted the conversation away from the division into a more unified and shared vision for America's future then the path that lead to Trump would have been less likely to have been stampeded - by racist oafs or otherwise. I know he was hampered by not having control of the senate and maybe it's not all on him after the Regan/Bush (pere et fils)/Clinton years, and maybe if the Dems weren't such a bunch of fugwits that they put
  12. Watched Knives Out on Saturday evening. I'd seen a few bits of it before but never watched it all the way through with any degree of concentration. Really enjoyed it although I though the puking was a plot device too far, it just sounded ridiculously implausible. Otherwise well made and entertaining.
  13. It's a real pleasure to listen to.
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