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  1. charlie clown


    Yes. I don't begrudge the NHS its recognition but it's largely a hollow gesture because on the one hand it won't translate to tangible change in pay and conditions after this is over and that round of applause will be just enough to salve the conscience of the tory voting masses so that they don't have to change their voting habits. "We clapped... what more do they want?".
  2. I had one of Gosciny and Guderzo (can't remember which) on my YNWA Dead Pool list for a couple of years. Anyway, RIP and all that.
  3. What sort of thing have you got in mind? There used to be stuff you could by called mod-roc - no idea if it's still available(* see edit below) - which was a playdough-like clay (without the colour or smell) that came in blocks. You modelled it into shapes but then it set solidly so you had made a permanent model of something. Alternatively papier-mâché is entirely home-grown: a balloon, a bit of string, a newspaper, some flour and water is all you need to make a mask or whatever else. * Edit: you can still get it and there are youtube vids on stuff to make with it.
  4. It might be a bit callous of me but I am sick to the back teeth of hearing about people who have 'gone viral' because they have recorded a s*** song about the corona virus - kids washing hands, nurses with ukuleles, prison choirs, pensioners on prozac, pissed up students - there's a new one on the local news every night and they're always toe-curlingly bad and there is no need for any single one of them.
  5. It's great how that lyric accelerates as it goes on. The pacing of the words is fantastic...it's all long vowel sounds to start with and then gets faster and punchier as it goes along. It's not poetry but its awareness of poetic techniques is very clear.
  6. A really significant of our 'recycling' is not really recycled either. it is shipped in vast quantities to the far east where it is then sorted through and largely disposed of in damaging ways. We've shifted the problem but not solved it.
  7. Watched the first episode of the Putin documentary on C4 yesterday evening, Outstanding stuff. Can't wait for the next two instalments.
  8. charlie clown


    Oh, Sammy, let's hope this morning brings better news. Thoughts with you, mate.
  9. charlie clown


    It was on the Dinosaur Jr. Facebook age this morning. The message was: Arthur Hurwitz died today of complications from COVID 19. I will miss Artie. He was a great friend. I used a picture of his face as the sun on the cover of our first LP. He also sang “Lotta Love” with Dino on a Neil Young tribute album, and, “Feel a whole lot better,” on a Byrds tribute LP. Beyond Sad, Love you. J
  10. charlie clown


    Milk - ass Bite - asp
  11. charlie clown


    There is some doubt about the reinfection cases though isn't there? I read a few things about there being doubt as to whether or not the supposedly re-infected individuals had actually fully recovered, and been given the all-clear, from their first bout. And in separate news... One of Dinosaur Jr's occasional band members died from it in the last day or two - saw the mini-obit on line earlier.
  12. charlie clown


    Point of order - Cleopatra - ass's milk, not goat's.
  13. charlie clown


    The most disturbing thing about that is that she seems to be in my bath.
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