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  1. Used to play for Guns N Roses as well, I've heard.
  2. carrafan

    The cricket

    Having the extra runs on the board lets them attack with aggressive fields for 90 overs. It's a tight balance, setting a fourth inning target. But I think Australia have done the right thing looking to set one that's close to 350.
  3. carrafan

    Fancy Dress ideas

    Would they get SK Warne?
  4. He was always going to leave once we signed Mignolet. I am very sad to see him go, never thought that we'd be more than happy to sell him but think that Mignolet has the talent to better Pepe's performances over the last 18 months. Changing goalies is a huge risk, but not much of a choice but to trust the scouts and the manager on this one.
  5. carrafan

    The cricket

    I'm not sure why batters are reviewing nicks. They must not be feeling an edge, but is that even possible?
  6. carrafan

    The cricket

    Australia should be allowed another innings, in the spirit of fairness. They'd still lose, mind.
  7. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
  8. Or that they need a world class striker and Suarez has said, plenty of times, that he wants to leave.
  9. carrafan

    The cricket

    ? I'm just surprised that I read an article wrong.
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