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  1. Well, he's quite f***ing good, isn't he...?
  2. TheLa

    Election 2019

    I'm Liverpool Walton. Quite proud seeing that but I really wish I'd done more. I joined the party because of Corbyn, he defo struck a chord with me. Always voted Labour but more because of lack of alternative than genuine commitment to the cause, then Corbyn come along and gave me something to vote for. I should have done what others on here done and got out there and helped, or at least tried to help. But work occupied me and complacency and nerves dissuaded me and now we've got a f***ing slug prime minister and the all I did was throw in a tenner a month and vote for the surest thing...? Ah
  3. Meh, strong European Cup and a strong UEFA cup is hardly the end of the world. Less games probably too, although I'm not a mathematician. And it'd be great watching the Red's as champions spank some poor bastids from Malta in the 3rd round. 17-1 on aggregate. Origi double hat trick in both legs. Chelsea, Spurs, Leverkusen, Atlanta, Inter, Valencia, Lokomotiv Moscow is anyone arsed if they're not in it? I'd be willing to f*** all of them off for Ajax or even Romanian champions. Who won that league by the way? I'm so out of touch... Maybe not just one team from each league, maybe the top two. An
  4. Let's be honest, as good as Istanbul and Madrid we're, there's very little reason for any league to have more than a single club in the European Cup (other than more money for rich white people)
  5. Top 4 City Liverpool Spurs Man Utd Bottom 3 Newcastle Villa Brighton Top Scorer Aguero First Manager to leave/sacked Pellegrini League Cup Arsenal Fa Cup City European Cup Juve Solksjaer Lasts the season and sneaks them into the top four by virtue of Arsenal and Chelsea being s***ter.
  6. Nah, he was just f***ing crap. And then come up with some of the worst excuses for his being crap. Too much Nintendo, or was it PlayStation? Whatever it was, just f*** off, lad. Utter, utter, utter, utter s***e. I was in a good mood until I remembered David James played for us, the nobhead.
  7. He's built his own statue this season. He's written himself into Liverpool folklore. In 50 years time, just before the environmental apocalypse wipes everyone out, and long after statues of bronze have corroded into anonymity, some arl fella will be telling his grandkids about the exploits of "the great Divock Origi".
  8. Hallelujah - Happy Mondays
  9. Gas, I'm guessing. Guinness uses 70/30 mix, if you connect Co2 to Guinness you get watery piss Guinness. It shouldn't really happen, different connectors on the gas bottles but I've had Co2 delivered in a 30/70 bottle before and the only way you find out is that your Guinness is s***. Pours too lively and tastes flat as f***. Diageo, for all their faults, are exceptionally good at product support, at least in Liverpool, so I'm guessing places that serve s*** Guinness tend to be freeholds in loser places where people haven't a f***ing clue how to manage a cellar, or have had a dodgy install.
  10. Always difficult to come up with good puns under pressure.
  11. That's harsh that. They set themselves up to stop him.
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