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  1. Went there rather than worked there. He was a couple of years above me but his brother in my year and back then overlapping circles of friends. Stood out as a genuinely nice lad, really engaging and friendly and got on with everyone.
  2. UK 9. Or whatever yours were ????
  3. Already told them to keep an eye out and due to go there next weekend. Need to get hold of a pair of those loafers too!
  4. Where you staying? The Rosa Blanca in Gotmar (just up the road from the Port) is as close to a Liverpool bar as you'll get. Next door is a smaller Spanish bar called Aries which will have it on too.
  5. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/club/mexico/203/blog/post/3144150/juan-carlos-osorio-time-in-liverpool-helped-map-out-his-road-into-management This is well worth a watch - heart warming piece on when Mexico Manager lived in Liverpool when studying at JMU and how family in house overlooking Melwood took him in so he could see training routines.
  6. Sounds odd but reflecting on this after a couple of afternoon pints, loved his shows and ended up travelling the world vicariously through him, the food and drinks he had and the people he met. Gave some great recommendations for places I've visited and enjoyed eating at over past few years.
  7. You're watching the final while ironing your wife's clothes?
  8. So far, so good this end. Our 2 year old is turning 3 this weekend and adjusting to the new lodger and also feeding off my excitement so he's being difficult with reason. It's also his birthday party tomorrow day time before I've got a pass out been told to stay in my mum and dads!
  9. Brilliant Hass! Great news. Glad she also made it out before the final.
  10. Thanks everyone. Baby's name is Cleo. Links to "Leo" were unintentional. My little brother will be looking after Leo in Kiev!
  11. A beautiful baby girl arrived earlier this afternoon. Mother and baby doing fantastic. Made up!
  12. In the Women's - wife gone in to labour, going to be a long day. Pleased its happening now and not on next Saturday's due date.
  13. Scary stuff Boots,hope you're doing okay!
  14. His great-granddad used to play for us in 1920s/30s - Bob Done
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