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  1. Decided it would be the perfect time to bring some much needed joy into our lives. So meet Arlo! https://ibb.co/x2nTYPp
  2. LFCNeil90


    For all those helping with their communities shopping etc - How are you dealing with the financial side of it? ie are you paying out of your own pocket or are the people still paying for the products? Store prices obviously. I only ask as I'm currently a student, with my college closing as of today, who got let go from my last job and so is living of a pittance of a bursary. I want to help out as best as I can but simply would not be able to afford to help in that way
  3. LFCNeil90


    My friend gave birth last week and has been feeling pains - I hunted Glasgow city centre for any ibuprofen/paracetamol and about 15 places had sold out. Was only Superdrug that had any any they were rationing the packets.
  4. LFCNeil90


    France to freeze rent, gas, electricity and water bills to support those affected by the lockdown. We're told to probably not go out, but each to their own, upto you. f***ing shambles.
  5. LFCNeil90


    Effectively not closing pubs etc but telling people not to go to them. Some have made "logical decision" to close their doors. Ie upto you if you want to close but you'll be getting no help from us. Shower of c****.
  6. LFCNeil90


    Yeah as I say I'm not too concerned if I happen to catch it if we go. It's the idea that I could potentially already be carrying it and then pass it on to someone there that would be in danger once they've go it. But then really that should be their responsibility to decide whether they attend or not, right? It feels like a weird situation as I'm certainly not at a stage where I'm going to self-isolate etc, it's purely as it's going to be 2 hours in a room mostly filled with more susceptible people.
  7. Aye he was brilliant on Wednesday but was blowing out of his a*** a good 10 minutes before he came off. Great sign of where he is at, if only he can string a few of these together and stay fit.
  8. LFCNeil90


    Have people still been going to small concerts etc? Got my dad tickets to go to one tonight as a Christmas present and I'm meant to be going with him. He's 68 and the demographic for the concert is likely to be of the older scale, in a capacity of ~1200 people. I'm 29 and feel I'd be okay if I got it, but concerned it could be reckless going, considering the majority of attendees will be of his age if not older. Concert is in Glasgow and if it happened to be taking place on Monday, it would have already been postponed/cancelled, seems very bizarre.
  9. Cannot work out why the hell Adrian was even looking to pass it centrally there, never mind first time. Robertson was wide open on the left and he had plenty time to take a touch and pick the pass. Baffling. Definitely shouldn't have even needed to get to extra time though, mad that we have somehow lost that. Agree with all the Ox praise, thought he was a real driving force.
  10. LFCNeil90


    Surely they can't just null the season? Loads of money has been spent to meet targets for every team this season, with monetary prizes vital to their finances. Surely just cancelling the season would cripple many teams reliant on the income. Then do the players get paid for not playing? This is all before the players get their goal/match etc bonuses wiped/cut for the rest of the season. Postponing it is surely as far as they will go.
  11. Don't think it's been mentioned but I thought Gomez had a good game, even getting forward with decent crosses when TAA was having an off night. Thought he and Virg were poor by their exceptional standards, but both have a hefty pile of free passes for a poor game. Once VAR is used to punish diving and theatrics, Simeone teams are f***ed. That one when Salah controlled the ball 2 yards from the linesman and their s***house left back flung himself through the air behind Mo was atrocious.
  12. That's the thing, it annoyed me but I instantly realised Tottenham are so irrelevant to us right now, it doesn't matter!
  13. Obviously still raw but thought he had a few good, composed moments. Was one or two times where they launched it over him and he was getting nowhere near in the foot race though.
  14. Curtis captain, a nice wee moment for him and a bit of a statement considering Chirivella is playing.
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