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  1. Has anyone watched RBG on Netflix? Want to get into it I light of today's news
  2. That's where I'm at too. Yes it'd be great to get Thiago in but Gini has been brilliant for us and surely the two deals are dependent on the other. We went into last season wary that we hadn't made any significant signings and yet we came back stronger than the exceptional season before it - why wouldn't he be able to keep that going with the same squad?
  3. I read the opening bolded paragraph before stopping and determining he's clearly a total fud.
  4. This is where I'm at, an absolute joke we've lost that. Keita surely starts the final two games. Ox was a waste of space and Gini not much better.
  5. Looks bad for Neco that it's been mostly all down his side, but other than getting poked in the eye Ox has done absolutely nothing nor helped him out with their RB.
  6. LFCNeil90


    We last clinched the league 2months before I was born, now we've done it 4 days before my 30th. So surreal, especially with the circumstances just now!
  7. LFCNeil90


    Let's beat the records this season, then smash them again next year!
  8. LFCNeil90


    Maybe it's the day drinking in the sun, but feeling so chilled about tonight. Might watch, might not. Either way we're going to be champions for the first time in my life and it's f***ing magical.
  9. Yep, as soon as he got Mo's (brilliant) pass, my only concern was if var would rule it out for offside.
  10. Think that game was always going to be challenging and a bit of a drag. But my god, what a f***ing drag. Robbo and Mo can't be back quick enough.
  11. Decided it would be the perfect time to bring some much needed joy into our lives. So meet Arlo! https://ibb.co/x2nTYPp
  12. LFCNeil90


    For all those helping with their communities shopping etc - How are you dealing with the financial side of it? ie are you paying out of your own pocket or are the people still paying for the products? Store prices obviously. I only ask as I'm currently a student, with my college closing as of today, who got let go from my last job and so is living of a pittance of a bursary. I want to help out as best as I can but simply would not be able to afford to help in that way
  13. LFCNeil90


    My friend gave birth last week and has been feeling pains - I hunted Glasgow city centre for any ibuprofen/paracetamol and about 15 places had sold out. Was only Superdrug that had any any they were rationing the packets.
  14. LFCNeil90


    France to freeze rent, gas, electricity and water bills to support those affected by the lockdown. We're told to probably not go out, but each to their own, upto you. f***ing shambles.
  15. LFCNeil90


    Effectively not closing pubs etc but telling people not to go to them. Some have made "logical decision" to close their doors. Ie upto you if you want to close but you'll be getting no help from us. Shower of c****.
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