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  1. Sheffield Utd's last 4 home fixtures: 2 - 5 vs Brighton 0 - 5 vs Villa 0 - 5 vs Brighton (again) 0 - 6 vs Arsenal (so far) That's... impressive.
  2. Although it would be funny if the game was replayed, we smash them 5-0 with all our injured players back, and we win the title on goal difference.
  3. Absolute s***e there. We better not lose to these useless pricks.
  4. Hmmm. I'll tell you what, if an outfield player tackles like that and follows through like that then... And the c**** score.
  5. I mean if they're playing for a draw (which they clearly are) then the least they can do is take off Rashford and put on someone who can put a shift in. Oh they just have. Except it's Antony.
  6. You'd expect more ambition from Luton tbh. The way they approach games against the top six or so is embarrassing for a so called big club.
  7. Seems to be par for the course. Kick the ball away you get a yellow. Pick it up and carry it with you for 10m or so and that's just fine. Weird. I've watched the last 20m of this and Man Utd have touched the ball about 10 times. It's brutal.
  8. Had to wait a fecking minute for the replay before I could properly celebrate.
  9. I thought he was booked earlier in the half for that cynical foul on Bradley. Should have realised the ref was already being an a***.
  10. Ah, didn't see any of the first half. He's been proper crap this half though. I can't see Howe lasting. They could easily finish 11th/12th and that ain't going keep his job.
  11. For anyone who's feeling adventurous Youtube is selling NFL Game Pass for £8.99 for the year at the moment (subscription ends Feb 2025). This is probably a miss-price and is meant to be the off-season price. NFL Game Pass for £8.99
  12. Don't read through the comments if you've just eaten. It's amazing how fans of other clubs seem to have settled on this "what a gentleman he is" view of his character. They seem to ignore his eminently visible nasty streak, his fondness for talking absolute drivel and, let's be honest, a career that has more failure than success associated with it. Hopefully he's retired for good now, for his sake and ours.
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