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  1. Gerry


    Both. Tell us what games you like to play Swipe. How much money do you want to drop? Digital-only or do you like buying the physical disks? Help us help you.
  2. Gerry


    Hogwarts Legacy? That's not exclusive to PS5. I assume you mean the SSD? It is without a doubt faster than the Xbox SSD, but both are massively faster than the HDD they replace. There'll be little difference between the two. Both have 3D audio as well.
  3. Gerry


    Strange. I've seen the series X called boring-looking, which I can understand, but not really ugly. The PS5 on the other hand is hideous and massive. I'll be absolutely looking to hide it somewhere when I get one.
  4. Gerry


    A subscription service for games. Think Netflix, but for gaming. There's a few different tiers but the highest tier, game pass ultimate, is about £11/month and gives you access to all the first-party MS games + a bunch of third-party stuff, on Xbox and PC. As Bailo has said this will soon include EA play, which gives you a load of EA games on top of that. It also include cloud gaming (for playing on your phone/tablet) and Xbox live gold (required for online gaming). You can get game pass for Xbox only or PC only, which is a bit cheaper but doesn't include the cloud gaming (and a few other
  5. Gerry


    The tech in both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are pretty similar. PS5 has a faster SSD, Xbox has a faster GPU, bla bla bla. Essentially there'll be little difference between the two. Both have cheaper versions of the consoles - PS5 has a diskless version for £369 whereas XBox has a diskless/less powerful version for £249. Gamepass is a big draw for the Xbox simply because it offers incredible value for money.
  6. Gerry


    Microsoft have just bought Zenimax Media it seems - so Bethesda/id/Fallout etc.
  7. She's not wrong is she? Most people haven't a frigging clue about who they're voting for when they put a cross against a name.
  8. Falcons know how to cough up a lead.
  9. What the f*** is the lino doing flagging for that? 2-0 Brighton after 7min. Defending has gone to pot this weekend.
  10. haha That was all tremendous. Incredibly harsh penalty. Harsh retake (but then they were told they were going to be strict). Who cares though? Ayew's shorts are also massive.
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