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  1. Pawson is beyond s***.
  2. Gerry


    A £180 bluetooth-enabled coffee mug no less.
  3. They much have watched it about 50 times in a loop. Daft b*****ds.
  4. Gerry


    I hope he gets really, really sick with it, nearly dies, changes his stance on it, gets better, catches it again, then dies.
  5. What the feck have they changed it to now? Probably haven't eaten one for 20 years so I'm intrigued.
  6. Succession season 2 did indeed end on a high. Nicely done. Started watching Billions, which admittedly may be a drop down in quality after Succession. Wasn't exactly drawn into the first episode. Does it get better?
  7. This is correct, which is something I didn't realise. I must have missed a bit of conversation somewhere. Also made me realise that the opening credits probably aren't meant to be taken literally i.e. we're not seeing the actual Roy family in their youth, even though there's four kids there (3 boys, 1 girl). The timeline wouldn't make sense anyway as it's shot in the 70s (?) and they're clearly too young for that (except for Connor). Could be Logan as a child I guess, but he "came from nothing" didn't he, so unlikely. Maybe it's just meant to look cool.
  8. The only problem I'm having with Succession is that Connor is so clearly massively older than all his siblings, and yet (assuming the credits are playing fair) they're meant to be similar ages. I'll let them off though.
  9. Pretty obvious offside wasn't it? Dunno why they took so bloody long.
  10. Bournemouth and Norwich are gone, so as you say it's all down to Villa. West Ham vs Villa is on the last day of the season. I'd take it if that ended up being the decider for that for last relegation spot.
  11. Just finished S1 of Succession as well. Last time I had NowTv it had gone missing so glad it's come back now that I've got another 6 months. Of course Westworld has f***ed off this time. They really piss about with moving shows in and out of their service.
  12. I thought I must have misheard him. He really did say that didn't he?
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