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  1. It was exactly the kind of save that Adrian would have palmed into the net.
  2. Gerry


    I'll third this. First thing I did with me LG OLED was to tone down the colours and remove some of the post-processing effects. Gives a far more natural picture.
  3. Gerry

    The rugby

    I don't think Gethin was being entirely serious about measuring how tall players are before they play.
  4. I plugged Ace Ventura into that Common Sense Media site - "Parents say age 14+" Then I tried Alien and Aliens instead - "Parents say age 13+". Righto.
  5. He seems to be saying that you should trust the judgment of a potentially concussed player to determine whether they're concussed or not. Sounds like a cunning plan.
  6. Always thought it must be weird that Australia etc celebrate Christmas in their summer. Do all their Christmas cards have pictures of the beach or something? Isn't Santa a bit over-dressed for summer weather or do they have an speedo-clad equivalent? Anyway, Christmas lights went up yesterday here as well. Got to give the kids some joy this year.
  7. Luiz seems to be, errr, leaking somewhat. Always a good sign.
  8. Na, it's bulls***. Football as a whole doesn't give a s*** though. Let the spectacle go on.
  9. Gerry

    The Formula 1

    Don't think I've ever seen a crash quite like that before. Incredible that he walked away from it.
  10. I mean you can understand why people may get a bit frustrated with you at times. These two sentences seem to imply you agree with them. Are the Tories right to make people antagonistic toward public sector employees, perhaps for the reasons you state, or are they wrong?
  11. Sub them for Hendo and Jones. I think Minimano will be hooked at half time for Hendo though. It would make a big difference.
  12. Gerry


    The main problem being of course that unless you limit yourself to the rather paltry selection of free games, you're expected to actually purchase the games you play. If the service dies, so do your games.
  13. haha I counted at least 5 fouls before the ref blew the whistle.
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