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  1. Gerry


    They're doing slightly less that 10K tests a day and that 3K number was the capacity for NHS workers wasn't it? Not that they're doing enough testing of course.
  2. Gerry


    I think you'll find Germany's death rate is increasing pretty rapidly now as well. It's started to hit the elderly there now so expect the figures to get worse unfortunately.
  3. Gerry


    Belarus seem to be taking this really seriously.
  4. Gerry


    Ha. Good. I see Bolsonaro is being an uber-c*** in Brazil.again, telling mayors to roll back their restrictions. "With my history as an athlete, if I were infected with the virus, I would have no reason to worry, I would feel nothing, or it would be at most just a little flu". Is it too much to ask that he gets it?
  5. Gerry


    Maybe they just know his dad really well.
  6. Gerry


    Garages are still open aren't they? Should still be able to get an MOT sorted.
  7. Gerry


    I do love people who feel the need to point out the bleedin obvious to other people - "they are wrestlers come on use your common sense". Thanks for that Nik.
  8. Gerry

    Looking after ourselves

    Yeah, turned up at our local Tesco at 10:30 this morning and there were queues to get in. Allegedly it was rammed and there was a 30m wait to get in. Turned tail and went to the Asda and that was fine; probably quieter than a normal Sunday.
  9. His approval rating over the handling of the Coronavirus is up over the last week, so yeah, he'll get away with it.
  10. Gerry


    My wife works for an independent school and obviously they're shutting on Fri. They're still making her go to work though so she can (allegedly) teach children remotely. Not sure why she can't do that from home and how that fits in with advice to work from home where possible. Also means I'll have to look after the kids whilst I'm meant to be working from home. Feels a bit irresponsible to force people into the workplace when it isn't necessary. What are you being asked to do @Bailo? You're in a similar position aren't you?
  11. Eh? He's gone to the Bucs.
  12. Does feel a bit weird that free agency is continuing as normal. I'm glad to be honest because it adds a bit of normality to life and I could do with that. In other news NFL Game Pass is being made available to fans free of charge until July 31.
  13. Gerry


    The numbers coming out of Italy are f***ing scary.
  14. Gerry


    Ha, yeah, same here. Found a local Nisa that had loads of the stuff though, so got a few rolls from there. Major supermarkets are cleaned out.
  15. The Houston Texans with what looks like one of the most stupid trades of all time. They've sent DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals in exchange for David Johnson and a 2nd round pick (give or take).
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