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  1. Don’t think so. I’m in agreement. Jones was probably the worst keeper we’ve ever had play and I also include Luzi & Padelli in there.
  2. He’s excellent. High end talent and a proper Swiss Army knife of a player.
  3. Wish there was crowds at this. 😕 Love us going to to other big sides away.
  4. Thiago looks like Frenchie from the Boys.
  5. Hah.. Tune! Can’t wait til its belting out the Kop. 🤣
  6. Think Haaland goes to Real and Mbappé is there for us.
  7. Gini didn’t hold back at all. I’m quite happy with that. They’re f***ing furious.
  8. I’d wash my hands of most of the leagues fans as they’re all c****. Going the games wouldn’t be as much fun though as our rivalries wouldn’t be as hard core. Though beating Roma, Juventus, Real and Barcelona a lot would be a laugh. Think this is all an endgame to get their own internet live streaming rights.
  9. He’s a proper nuisance.
  10. Think he’s had about 3 or 4 cruciates.
  11. Benzo-13

    Welcome VvD

    It was a proper pony shout.
  12. The thing annoying me lot about this is we aren’t fielding our best XI for ages now. Just hope Virge comes back 100%. Usually takes 6mths to get rid of the rust while playing.
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