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  1. And he did save that Marlon Harewood header.
  2. Benzo-13


    Went to start AC3 again. Jeez it’s too talkie. Not a patch on AC2.
  3. Benzo-13


    That’s a f***ing dick move by the club.
  4. Benzo-13


    I managed to clear the first phase of No-oh from London to Japan and was well proud of myself! It’s rock hard I agree. You practically have to sit on top of the screen to time the dodging mechanics. Spider-Man is a good game. Also Days Gone and the new Resi remakes. Bit apt with this stuff floating about.
  5. Benzo-13


    Dark Souls 3 is insanely hard. Have it years and still stuck on first boss! 🤣
  6. Benzo-13


    Been switching between Hitman 2 (also have no.1 in it, one continuous story), Gran Turismo Sport and AC : Odyssey but I love Sekiro : Shadows die Twice. It’s belting hard and every defeat of a boss seems like a personal triumph!
  7. Schmeichel was having a really good run in a European comp with Brondby and looked the part. I think we got caught in flux with him as Kenny left and Souness arrived. Ferguson got lucky with getting him as we know had Leighton not become a jigsaw in the nets he’d have backed him all the way.
  8. Nigel Martyn was also better than David James.
  9. David James on a list like that. Jesus Christ.
  10. Since your man off Sunday Supplement went to the Mancs they haven’t had a days negative press and linked to everyone who can tie their laces.
  11. He’s an absolute lazy ignorant bum and waste of everyone in the worlds time.
  12. Benzo-13


    The Barcelona/Messi fans on Twitter need to be executed. I think they’re the worst by a mile.
  13. Thankfully no one with half a brain is listening to him. Plus he hates São Paulo and they all know it.
  14. My missus is from São Paulo and Bolsanaro has to be the worst leader of the world I’ve ever seen. They have to get him out. He’ll get thousands upon thousands killed.
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