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  1. Jeez.. thought we’d him stitched up.
  2. They do but Anon multiple accounts were the beginning of the use of bots.
  3. Bots land everywhere and if not there is such repugnant people about.
  4. It’s where I’m at. We’ve a bit of a fear of them from a previous era under Ferguson. Solksjaer is crap.
  5. Think a player tier lower. They’ll need to get at Leicester, Southampton and Everton first before they start buying out of the top 6. Took City two years before they got in.
  6. Yep. Last episode was a disaster.
  7. They’ll end up with Grealish and John Stones.. someone in that ball park.
  8. Benzo-13


    That is a positive. f***ing Mig though. 🤣
  9. Benzo-13


    There’s a bunch of City and Chelsea knobs who have auto reply with Llorente’s goals on gifs to the official account. These lads have to be about 2 or something.
  10. Benzo-13


    Hi all newbies. Live long and prosper.. 🖖🏼
  11. It’s proper self indulgent crap. There’s 20mins of nonsense in it. Always thought Batman Begins was the better. The two face stuff in the TDK could’ve been left for a third film and not the crap one we got with Wheezy Bane.
  12. Yep.. get him off it and he’ll try setup Trumpitter and all it will be after a while is him and his acolytes shouting in an echo chamber.
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