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  1. Yeah that Souness article gave me a touch of the waterworks.
  2. The world is a better place for it!
  3. Think it’s a bot though. He’s retweeting American sports.
  4. Funny that Real and Barcelona have all this leftovers and financial wreckage due to their greed and to not let anyone have anything nice.
  5. Netball.. what a t***. I’d love to Clockwork Orange him to The Last Dance.
  6. Jeez, thought Lautaro was off to Barcelona.
  7. Queues all day into Liverpool shop in Dublin. The Vapor/Player shirt is very nice. Bought the windrunner.
  8. Tomorrow it’ll be in regular sports stores.
  9. Never know. They’ve been bleating about Sanchez wages and team spirit a lot.
  10. They’re now crying poverty over fee and wages. Watch them go for Grealish instead.
  11. Mancs far from confident on Sancho now.
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