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  1. I would really rather they not win the European Cup.
  2. Yeah not my best call. We won 1-4 at their place. 3-0 at home a couple times.
  3. Basically just think it shows what happens when levels drop slightly against one of the best teams in Europe.
  4. When he missed the ball when totally free in the middle of the goal, you knew we weren't scoring tonight.
  5. I was annoyed for a bit but don't feel bothered now. We were good till they scored and s***e after. The players have been killing themselves for 18 months and whilst its irritating because of who we were playing, I can't really blame them for dropping their level in the circumstances. They will be back on it when it counts. I hope we do get the points record but I think it will be tough. Would also be nice to see Jones, Elliott, Williams and Minamino get some game time.
  6. Its annoying and will lead to a lot of bulls*** we could all do without. But ultimately it doesnt matter.
  7. Not that long ago their players were singing about us winning f*** all is it? Won the Champions League, World Club Cup and Premier League since and tonight they applaud us on to the pitch.
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