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  1. I'm talking about Dan Agger, who do you mean?
  2. Yeah when have we ever signed a decent centre half in Jan?
  3. There's no confusion for me here. Man Utd to lose and then lose again forever.
  4. Or maybe he just doesn’t have Covid.
  5. Absolutely. I thought that when someone commented about them getting Rotherham at home. They have deserved it. It would be nice to get a lower league team at home though. Never seems to happen. Only ended up with Shrewsbury at home because of a replay. Plymouth and Exeter were both away weren't they? Anyway, makes it easier for Jurgen to get us out ASAP and focus on the big ones.
  6. Can't believe it's that time already. The leaves are falling, the decorations are going up and Hightown Phil and Jarg Armani are ready to start arguing with suggestions we should play the kids in the FA Cup. The years just fly by don't they?
  7. Everton twice, Wolves and now Villa in the FA Cup 3rd round on last 4 years isn't it?
  8. League cup, yes. We're playing the kids in the bloody league though!
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