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  1. psl


    I agree. I think it's a big deal for Klopp though. It's part of the deal for his players. You put the work in, did everything I asked and this is your reward. Now go and do it again and again etc. I think everyone will accept the moment has passed though.
  2. psl


    You have to suspect a parade is looking less likely. I know Klopp said we would do it whenever but how long after the event will they will be willing to do it?
  3. Can't see it until next year.
  4. To be fair, they were missing Laporte. Loads of theirs were probably writing us off after Leeds. It's a big win for them given it was their first game and their injuries. Hopefully Leicester can get something at the weekend. The sooner their vulnerabilities show again, the sooner their doubts will kick back in. Don't want them getting momentum.
  5. Would be lovely wouldn't it. Really set the tone.
  6. I was more chuffed with the Alisson penalty one. Pretty sure I'm at least 20% responsible for the save.
  7. He has come in to the best team in Europe and in one half of football, made it clear that he is going to run the show.
  8. And if Mane hadn't scored his header, it's a big Chelsea win. We were f***ing lucky now I think about it.
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