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todays game

floyd the barber

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thought we did pretty well....started poorly, but then took control after the first goal...


Thought gerrard and lucas did a good job in middle, though were not up against much it has to be said..


What alarmed me most was how easily torres got brushed off the ball by 2 fairly average center backs......havent really seen that happen much since his time at anfield, still hes definetly off the boil at the mo....that wont last long though.


degen - good to finally see him...and he looked fairly good in his brieft time on the pitch..



reina - 8 a couple of excellent saves..had a great start to the season

johnson - 7 did ok, looked knackered which is why he came off 2nd half....

insua - 7 quietly asured! looks likes he been around forever

skrtel - 7 solid, a couple of dodgy moments but hopefully will be soon back to his best

carra - 7 easy day

kuyt - 8 what can you say...has become a vital player for us...outstanding workrate today

benny - 9 MOM was everywhere

gerrard 7 solid

lucas 8 got stuck in well

reira 6 fairly average, nothing spectacular....id like to him get round the back more, something we saw from his early days but not so much since

torres 6 i`ll probably get some stick for marking 6 out of 10, but i honestly didnt think he had a great game today...had a number of chances to run at the defence and was easily shrugged of the ball.....




degen 5 looks fairly good

ngog 5 i like this guy...reckon hes far better than many think

voro - well....how do i mark him?? a couple of nice passes..one which included the goal so a 6....but hey that chance at the end...oh dear oh dear....and ya know..i just kne whe was gonna miss that , as im sure did 44,000 other people in the stands..

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