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  1. Rich Gobey

    Bin Dippers

    It's not relevant. Why not ask smithdown why the rest of the place is s***?
  2. Rich Gobey

    Bin Dippers

    Explain what, that I don't think it's a s***ty little island?
  3. Rich Gobey

    Bin Dippers

    s***ty little island? Your bit might be.
  4. Nah, embaressingly s*** and awful.
  5. Loftus Cheek is getting Raheem Sterling for less than £3 million.
  6. Stan Mortenson was asked the question, who was the finest crosser of a ball, Finney or Stanley Matthews. Mortenson chose Finney as he said he always got the laces on the ball to face face the right way. I.e, so Mortenson didn't have the laces scratch his forehead.
  7. Would be good, can't see Juve letting him go though.
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