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  1. Molby


    Many of you appear to believe every decision the club makes when it comes to showing a social conscience is based on PR, and that in reality, the generosity is begrudged by them if that’s the case then console yourselves: the act of not being the nice people you want them to be was committed a long time ago - this changes nothing if Morrissey was here he’d express it eloquently in a song about how it pays your state of mind to be a cynic
  2. Molby

    Looking after ourselves

    Shout Just ordered mine
  3. Molby


    And if you’re fortunate enough to come from a stable home environment and don’t have psychological problems, why should you get the same sentence for violent crime as someone who was brought up dysfunctionally and in a violent environment ? it’s completely unfair
  4. Thank f*** now there’s some hope
  5. Molby


    So make them progressively larger and involving points, like driving three strikes and you get a much harsher punishment eg community service for a week and a criminal record
  6. yes that was Hitler’s problem too if only he’d have had the opportunity to develop his artistic leanings rather than getting involved with all that other fuss and bother a more practical, ‘no nonsense’ summary of what happened is that Popeye gave Bluto a well-deserved shoeing
  7. Yeah Happy birthday about fish: I dug my pond 4 years ago and stocked it with a few large goldfish the ones that have survived heron attacks are now massive and there’s about 30 smaller ones that have made it through and are viable not one has died of natural causes - unless they get taken by birds when they float to the top, but I think it’s more likely my pond has magic life-giving properties (apart from in the case of one of the late dogs, but that’s another story)
  8. Molby


    It wouldn’t occur to me for a second to deny anybody the right to return to a normal life just because I hadn’t tested positive for antibodies I just don’t get how that would make people feel better Especially as it's temporary have you considered that those returning are: a) inherently doing their bit to create a better place for those yet to return? just in terms of the economy if nothing else b) as part of the deal they could have some community tasks tagged on to the ‘privilege’ of returning that would be like a kind of tax on those who have been more fortunate and a proxy for keeping things literally more equal
  9. Molby


    Ok but then you’re saying that someone who has had it and is not a danger to society should have to remain indoors and quite probably unemployed, to name but two inconveniences ....because it makes for a more equal society?
  10. Molby


    I don’t understand - please explain
  11. Wasn’t it somewhere like Memphis? about 12 years ago I used to correspond with him privately for a bit but I never met him in Liverpool he could be a bit of a handful on here at times anyway, more abysmal news and not insured so a few $ will help YNWA Jon
  12. f***ing love that s*** I sleep with mine
  13. Molby


    I agree I did it as a thing in and of itself but then I mostly do that anyway because.... well just because - peoples’ reasons could be the subject of a separate 10,000 page thread
  14. Molby


    Sky allowed payments to be paused whilst not having to cancel and made it easy to do so - could do it all online a week ago or more I tried to cancel BT Sport and they wouldn’t allow it online, only by phone which took hours so I just stopped the DD and then they had the nerve to chase me up, but still without an option to reply to their s***ty email
  15. Molby


    Been playing backgammon on my phone won my first 5 then lost the last one on the last roll of the dice - had 3 counters left and double 1would have been ok opponent had 2 left and a 2 and 1 sufficed and the doubling dice was on 16 😟
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