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  1. Molby


    as far as I'm aware, that's the smartest thing he's ever done
  2. Molby


    where's Macca btw? I checked on £440k, who's fine
  3. Molby

    Kitten needed

    Thanks mate but the lady in need of the kitten has found one now
  4. Molby

    EU Referendum

    doubt it these Honk Kong types learn Kung Fu before they can walk, so they'll soon show any racists what's what
  5. Molby


    it's like insurance you have to pay it even if you don't get ill
  6. There aren’t any ‘people like me’ there are people like the ones I’ve described, so let’s focus on recruiting them
  7. This Wigan/Brexit stuff is b****x a massive insult to the intelligence this ‘fit and proper business’ - absolutely clueless yet again. The only way to do this is to get poachers and turn them in to gamekeepers. (Employ business people adept at running rings around regs and good practice, to work for the regulators)
  8. Molby


    just keep the bounce back loan I doubt you'll have to pay any of it back, maybe 20% of it
  9. I’m desperate to go again What about sparring? in my head I’ve come up with foolproof methods to beat my opponent next time - knock him out in fact but in reality I might not get near him 😟
  10. Molby


    yes but they have to be careful not to be too reckless or they'll lose their supply of people from whom they can harvest organs while they're still alive there's also state-sanctioned rape and the re-assignment of Uighur women to new husbands, which is a new kind of birth control I guess in this instance it's controlling the quality, not quantity of what is born
  11. Molby


    they can move quickly as they have a million 'volunteers' in internment camps and you can inject them with any old thing and see if it works surprised they haven't invented more vaccines tbh
  12. it's a 'make the question fit the answer' article dreadful showboating and an irrelevant end-product like having our version of Balotelli in the team
  13. Molby

    FSG Watch...

    It’s not them, it’s their algorithm it’s telling them that buying the players Klopp wants, in order to refresh the squad at the correct time, just isn’t a smart play in these uncertain times so, I’m not one to throw out the baby with the bath water - where’s the centrism in that? but on the other hand, this “they must be beyond reproach as we have won the league” attitude is a bit naive imo
  14. Molby


    What a pleasant young man great attitude
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