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  1. Her dad was from Odessa, same as my nan they were prob mates at school
  2. It’s a SIMILAR night and Morrie only has two or three jackets as he squanders his wealth
  3. It’s so important that you know what you’re talking about because I’ve just started a new business off the back of your advice I bought a Nirvana T shirt for £6 incl postage And there’s an Eminem one available for £9 are these good buys? actually just checked eBay and that Nirvana shirt is on for £14.99 Im gonna check out Biggie Smalls next
  4. I just trained (fitness and French) a lady from the village but she puked 😟
  5. Molby


    There’s an amount of of economic theory to learn here Macca the Western economies aren’t being disappeared in this scenario and indeed shrinking income increases the demand for the cheap, shoddy goods in which China specialises think B and M and Home and Bargain
  6. Doesn’t rate him that highly? he’s been 4th choice for years and delivered consistently you may remember him from such highlights as scoring in the CL league semis and final, or his goals against Everton, Dortmund etc Erik Meier is a cult hero That’ll do now
  7. Yeah today but Jota is unproven (for us) plus injuries etc. I suppose we can’t buy Jota for £40mm plus and keep Origi in the new reality But the new reality also includes us smashing it out the park with our signings recently so there’s less cause for concern tbf
  8. The only thing I don’t like in all this is potentially selling Origi given his place in the pecking order, he’s served us so well
  9. See this I don’t like not one bit; he’s been an absolute brilliant 4th choice striker like, what more can the lad do? who has done better? And yes Jota looks a v interesting buy but he might not be better for us than Shaq
  10. Isn’t all this spending a bit reckless? there is, endlich, a pandemic
  11. What’s this now? is this part of your journey Macca?
  12. Sounds exactly like Origi as he was first presented, and occasionally performs and Origi’s goal return is still good, even amongst indifferent performances
  13. Molby


    Talking of carp, I caught my first one a few weeks ago this was 2lb in a lake where apparently there are 70 lb ers and the chap I was with is currently at the ‘Carp World Cup’ in Northern France I think it’s the opening ceremony and flag parade today, or maybe tomorrow, so look out for that one people!
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