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  1. surf


    Just postpone this season a year and pick up where it was left in Feb 2021, in effect cancelling next season. Makes a bit of sense as the 20/21 season is likely to be effected anyway, and this gives everyone plenty of time to sort things out. If there's time left do a 1 off tourney in nov/dec as pre-season.
  2. surf


    yeah, how did he get 2/3 majority for that? madness
  3. surf


    does leo play centre half???
  4. surf


    congrats hassony
  5. Rand Paul has corona virus. Not that i'd wish ill health on anyone, but that news didnt make me feel sad.
  6. surf

    Looking after ourselves

    apparently i can love posts now, so i did
  7. surf


    sorry for your loss BoboS
  8. surf


    there are apparently still some german dudes in the big brother house that haven't heard of corona virus
  9. surf


    so we should all be locked up in our gardens, rather than our houses?
  10. surf


    so here in cloggyland the tactic seems to be business as almost usual (most schools closed, work from home, restuarants closed, but for the rest, carry on) with the idea that most of us will get infected and create 'herd immunity' for the rest anyone on the forum infected yet?
  11. Cobs's plan is great, obviously, but there might be an issue with TV rights, as sky/amazon et al. will have contracted a certain number of games for next season. Any way around that?
  12. it's like learning stevie h is santa claus
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