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  1. We evolved after last season when we were f***ing amazing to turn into an arguable greater winning machine. Having Thiago means you keep the ball even. more and have more of a controller in there, we could be even better!
  2. Wondering if it is Wijnaldum out (rumoured new challenge) and Thiago in? Have to say that as much as I appreciate Wijnaldum as a player and how he fits our system, that could be one hell of an upgrade and we’d be keeping the ball even more.
  3. The_Adder


    Chance to go 23 points clear of City before they play Southampton later - this could be massive.
  4. Yes please. Our squad would be ridiculous.
  5. So who is out midfield here? Rest of the team picks itself surely. I reckon Wijnaldum, Henderson and Keita.
  6. Goodison always looks a bit s*** so shouldn't be able to tell the difference
  7. The_Adder


    Imagine the state Razor Ruddock would be coming back in 👀
  8. The_Adder


    100% agree, madness. The death rate in Italy is something like 1 in 15, scary numbers, unsure of demograhpic of those have died, but Italy has the oldest population in Europe. Scary what our Government is doing.
  9. The_Adder


    Only 2.4% were kids who got it in China. Zero died. 0.2% of 'healthy people' who have got it there have died there. 1/500.
  10. The_Adder


    It is only really killing the old who have underlying health conditions. O kids have died in China to put that inperspective.
  11. The_Adder


    Could have done all this before our game on Weds ffs.
  12. He had all day, Robbo was free on the left, completely baffled when he didnt take a touch and pass it wide and now we'd prob are waiting to see who we are getting in the draw. It was mad.
  13. The_Adder


    Think I'd still be crying.
  14. Think we have stumbled on our best midfield. Crazy that Fabinho wouldn't be in it.
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