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  1. The_Adder


    Imagine the state Razor Ruddock would be coming back in 👀
  2. The_Adder


    100% agree, madness. The death rate in Italy is something like 1 in 15, scary numbers, unsure of demograhpic of those have died, but Italy has the oldest population in Europe. Scary what our Government is doing.
  3. The_Adder


    Only 2.4% were kids who got it in China. Zero died. 0.2% of 'healthy people' who have got it there have died there. 1/500.
  4. The_Adder


    It is only really killing the old who have underlying health conditions. O kids have died in China to put that inperspective.
  5. The_Adder


    Could have done all this before our game on Weds ffs.
  6. He had all day, Robbo was free on the left, completely baffled when he didnt take a touch and pass it wide and now we'd prob are waiting to see who we are getting in the draw. It was mad.
  7. The_Adder


    Think I'd still be crying.
  8. Think we have stumbled on our best midfield. Crazy that Fabinho wouldn't be in it.
  9. The_Adder


    This would be the best reason ever to be fair.
  10. Just take a f***ing touch, does that and we are more than likely through, we absolutely battered them.
  11. Id rather we get Sancho than Werner, he is going to be top 5 in the world.
  12. Tell her you've got Coronavirus, watch it at yours, then get drunk for two weeks.
  13. The_Adder


    Every single Liverpool fan in the world would have been absolutely estatic if you told them we'd be even close to tbis position at the start of the season. It is f***ing amazing - absolutely embrace it lads, this is unlikely to eve happen again in this way and we've waited 30 YEARS for it.
  14. So have the rest of the team
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