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  1. My eyes told me Mane looked absolutely brilliant at southampton and quite a bit quicker but as Stanley says, Klopp is good at developing these players and taking them up a notch or two
  2. This is true. Exciting times. Yep
  3. Thanks for the replies. Looking at that video, while its good, I'm a tiny bit underwhelmed at Jota. Can I say that? I'm pleased we are upgrading Origi but would have preferred another level up I think. Still, only 23, will improve under Klopp, looks skillful and neat on the ball.
  4. I know nothing about Jota. Is he quick?
  5. Its amazing if we are selling some kid who never plays to buy one of the best players in the world Bit more disappointed to see brewster go, but he's a long way from the first team
  6. !!! Insane money. That can't be right. He's a kid who has barely featured
  7. He's my new favourite player
  8. Yes I remember lots being keen on Salah - always looked a good player. was a bit weird how chelsea never really gave him a proper run iirc.
  9. Jot to Jot It helps pad out our squad
  10. Yeah, when you compare his age to Sancho or Rashford, really he's not at their level yet so Klopp would have to do a lot of work on him
  11. the problem is that Origi's all round game is not good enough for him to play the no, 9 firmino role either
  12. I think Sarr has the potential, though is raw. But his performance at Anfield showed what he is capable of, and I fully expected Klopp to be monitoring him after that. But he is by no means the finished product. Sancho is ahead of him and would have been the better option but we clearly can't afford him
  13. Nice having a manager that everyone wants to play for.
  14. Leeds walking through our midfield on saturday probably didn't harm Absolutely thrilled with this. Brilliant news. And if we keep Gini then we have 4 of the best centre mids in the world - Fabinho, Henderson, Thiago, Gini can't believe no one's given the obvious answer to this - Joe Cole
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