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  1. abc

    Jordan Henderson

    a couple of my colleagues are still saying he's useless...then again they are Spurs fans so what do they know eh...
  2. Immense today. Brendan also singling him out for a superb performance; great management on his part.
  3. That shot from Lallana was superb. Didn't appreciate how good that save was until they showed the replay from behind the goal.
  4. you are kidding, right?
  5. Agreed. It's about application which is both easy (not physically difficult to execute) and difficult (he probably doesn't understand the concept).
  6. Best in the league along with Courtois in my opinion. Lloris better with the ball at his feet and sweeping up, Courtois slightly better on shot stopping and presence.
  7. Feels amazing that we don't have to worry about outgoing players determining if we can make signings. Losing Arbeloa, Sami and Alonso in 2009 and not being able to replace them properly and fill out the squad with quality - what a different place we are right now. And what's possibly even more pleasing is you can see very clearly the thought process and strategy in recruitment.
  8. Yup. I think if he has experienced some form of failure in another part of his life, he would learn to appreciate his talents. But it needs to come from within and one hopes that at some point it will all click in his head.
  9. I just saw a highlights reel of him and now finally understand what the fuss is about. What a natural talent he is. If only he had any idea how lucky he is to be able to play football the way he does. Shame he's an idiot...
  10. Think Neville did some analysis on our game the following evening, and suggested had Agger been on the pitch he might have gone forward with the ball instead of passing it straight back to Gerrard...
  11. Break the bank for Hugo Lloris. He'd improve our possession play from the back, and allow our defence to push up further. And he's a wonderful shot stopper.
  12. abc

    Norwich City (A)

    I'm waiting for it to go crazy, and this sounds like the most likely scenario. We NEVER do easy. But that's why this club has had so many special moments - no football club does drama better than LFC.
  13. From what I have seen in these past two seasons, he has everything. Excellent shot stopper, good with the ball at his feet, very proactive, commanding, and reads the game well. And bloody brave too. For me, he'd be perfect for our team.
  14. abc

    Harry Kewell

    He played through pain for us, I recall him saying he should have rested that ankle until it healed properly, in hindsight. Him and Houllier felt the team needed him even at 50% fitness/ability... Problem is it never healed properly and led to worse injuries. Let's not forget that he chose us, his boyhood club, ahead of Man Utd and other teams who apparently offered him more money.
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