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  1. But she was questioned by chair Greg Clark, why the capacity was not increased during the quiet summer period. He told her: “It is dispiriting to find that we are now in September, in circumstances which are entirely predictable – people are going back to school, people are going back to work – and we haven’t had the right capacity put in place during the quieter times of June, July and August.”
  2. Strong as an ox, and half the brains. Or, one eye going to the shop, and the other coming back with the change. Yer man's a few drops short of a p*ss.
  3. After today's briefing, I'd say they're starting to gear people up for another national lockdown sometime over the next few months.
  4. Eh? You're meant to isolate after any test until you hopefully receive a negative result.
  5. From the BBC: "The new rule applies to private homes, indoors and outdoors, and places such as bars and cafes." So, if only up to 6 are allowed in a pub, then is there really any point them being open?
  6. I'm surprised this thread isn't near the top, unless it's being discussed elsewhere? Looks like BoJo is preparing to walk away by the middle of next month. A blatant move towards no deal and a disaster Capitalist wet dream. While drawing up new laws to over-ride the deal on NI? So, they'll be putting sitting target customs posts on the border, will they?
  7. When you realise that you have people bleating on about their interpretation of constitutional inaliable rights taking precedence over human rights, in a country founded on a Manifest Destiny ideology, and a white Euro-centric superiority complex which actively ignores their genocidal and exploitative history towards other humans, then it might become apparent that America is truly f***ed up.
  8. Hells Bells, and everyone in fancy dress while slagging me off.
  9. Officials are actually condoning business and property owners arming themselves. This is going to get very ugly.
  10. Ah, come on. It was a lot better than just ok. And who cares how many series they do, it's not like it's Fr. Ted. Relaxing TV, wonderful scenery, two mates having a laugh, being comfortable in their deep friendship, Bob being funny and poignant at the same time. What's not to love?
  11. He's been talking to God now... https://www.joemygod.com/2020/08/trump-claims-he-had-conversation-with-god-about-the-unbelievable-job-hes-doing-with-the-economy/#disqus_thread
  12. Another thing which isn't on the news is the fact that d**do Harding, Chair of the private company replacing Public Health England, is married to John Penrose, MP, who has an advisory role with the 1928 Think Tank which promotes replacing the NHS with health insurance system and SCRAPPING PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND...
  13. Yeah, we lit a candle for him too. A life well lived.
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