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  1. Patel saying the government isn't at fault when it comes to poverty as "local authorities have a part to play..." when they're the ones who've slashed local council funding for ten years???
  2. Do you have a link? I can only see stories about a reporter and two staffers.
  3. No sh*t, Sherlock! Didn't Pob guarantee it would be safe? https://mobile.twitter.com/toryfibs/status/1277859963717791744?s=21
  4. Are you like this on purpose?
  5. A fella has been shot dead right around the corner from us. I was out the back garden earlier and heard two bangs, thinking it was a car backfiring, cos we live near the bottom of the M1. Just didn't think anything of it until the word got out.
  6. So you were 7, then?
  7. I grew up watching us in the 70s and 80s, but this is the best squad of players we've ever had.
  8. Yeah, the game against Leicester was sublime, but the crunch result was against Villa.
  9. My lad just turned 17 on Tuesday. This is his first league win as a red, and he's buzzing and just can't believe it, but he insisted on giving me a hug-lift saying "30 years... 30 years!".
  10. Straight red means he should miss the next league game, is that right? So sorry lad!
  11. Can someone PLEASE post links to these interviews?
  12. I missed Klopp's interview. Is there a link?
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