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  1. Something else that amuses me is the reverence with which the Republicans specifically and conservatives in general treat the Police Unions in contrast with the way they vilify and condemn every other union in existence. The biggest Police union has just come out in favor of Trump so it looks like the feelings are mutual.
  2. I'm just surprised the documentary makers got such intimate access to an IT startup like that.
  3. I'm just amused when English people (I'm English too so I get to rag on them immune to any accusation of bias) start pointing at motes in other country's eyes considering the massive crossbeam that is English History, both past and more recent.
  4. I was responding to mr muleskinner, but you carry on having an argument with the wrong end of that stick. Sanctimony is a national pastime in the UK and even emigrating next door is no cure.
  5. I love how people from the home of Brexit, a sharp recent increase in overt racism and rocking a 'Tory government that is talking about bringing back Grammar schools are throwing stones across the Atlantic.
  6. A bit of undercover editorial phrasing hiding in that there article: “I would say I see a person that’s 35 years old,” he said. The campaign did not release any ophthalmic results. Ha!
  7. Sonos will be releasing a software update next year to help integrate with Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot product range apparently.
  8. I'm not a fan of newspeak, but opportunity inequality always struck me as a better example of what the route of the problem is than income inequality.
  9. They would be a great idea if the people not going to them didn't get left behind. An even better idea would be individually tailored schooling. Would require actually working out how best to teach people based on their unique needs, but that will never happen because why mess with the imperfect morass we have now that is keeping the 99% from forcing the 1% out of power.
  10. Some of the smaller ones we own keep their branding so sometimes its that rather than copying.
  11. Only thing you ever find under a male pony tail is a horses ass.
  12. It was our annual Charity Day yesterday and the celebs pile in to do trades with the bro going to their charity.
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