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  1. Apparently he's the darling of Google Pixel, one of the sponsors, after taking a phone from a reporter and filming the goal celebration. Probably get a finger wag from the PL.
  2. Losing it over a blatant penalty decision being missed, or a goal disallowed incorrectly ( as if that has ever happened) are acceptable reasons to go "nutzoid" Losing your s*** over a drop ball, 2-3 minutes before a goal, is just plain stupid. Spot on. Didn't see hairy hands, or the bitter blue, mention that if the 2 players hadn't been d****eads, the game would have been over before we scored
  3. Hopefully they get a few more utterly corrupt decisions against them in the coming weeks. One of those guys looked ready to stroke out. Imagine what would have happened if we'd got a 99th minute penalty.
  4. A draw is as good as a win. Let him have his little fantasy. Giving up a lead to a 10 man team in the 96th minute is 3 points somewhere.
  5. Has the Echo started running with this yet?
  6. How the f*** did we miss all those penalties and need a 129th minute winner?
  7. I wish. We did live near him, but never moved in his circles.
  8. You at least offer... We have friends coming to us in Florida from Omaha in early April. Part of the convo was " and if you guys pick us up from the airport that'll save us a fortune, and we could use one of your cars to get around whilst we are there" What do you say?
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