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  1. Socks on a tile floor.!! Daft sod. Can you reuse a teabag?
  2. Nebraska Red


    Bin the Euros, bin all cups and get the leagues finished. If they don't it will cause chaos for next season. Use next season's international breaks for Euro qualifiers and just have a knockout phase after next season. Allow PL teams to opt out of the Carabao and FA Cups and do away with all replays. Most of this is common sense which means there is no chance of it happening.
  3. Watched John Wick 3, not a good movie. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, brilliant!! Tried to watch some Turkish footy and PSL cricket, gave up. Reruns of Marvel movies are much better.
  4. The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing in London 2 weeks on the trot. That's if people are willing to travel internationally by then.
  5. As has my binge watching of Brooklyn nine nine.
  6. Picard 8 was very good again.
  7. Major League Soccer over here in the US just announced a 30 day suspension of games.
  8. Mo and Bobby both having issues. Just need a bit of luck.
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