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  1. Nebraska Red


    Bargaining chips for the Brexit deal?
  2. We can only draw 2nd place teams? No English teams?
  3. Nebraska Red


    My sister works for a trust in Northampton with 3 schools. As of last Friday, they had 500 kids and almost 40 adult staff all out, either with Covid or out because of contact. She is wearing masks, gloves, face shields and almost main lining hand sanitizer. No risk!!!!
  4. He's not going to do the guest speaker events, write a book (himself) or build a library. Grifting will be his lasting legacy. And swindling his sheeple out of their last few dollars.
  5. Chaotic scenes in Central and Northern Florida as temperatures are in the 30's Fahrenheit this morning. Parents demanding that schools not open or open much later in the day. Frost on car windshields and roof tops. Not sure anybody will have de icer in the garage. I had to wear long pants to walk the dog. Our neighbor had 2 coats on walking her dog.
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