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  1. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Lancashire chasing 152 by Durham are 48-7. Game means nothing as they are in the QF's already.
  2. Leaves a vacuum in our defensive cover.
  3. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Brilliant by the keeper as well.
  4. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Fantastic win by Lancashire.
  5. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Yorkshire making it look easy. Root is killing the bowling.
  6. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Lancashire get 167 in the T20 vs Yorkshire. Should be an interesting chase. Root & Malan playing for Yorkshire.
  7. Mexican beer. Not too bad and bloody cheap right now.
  8. Bought myself some colossal shrimp this afternoon. Had them tonight, amazing. Washed down with a couple of Dos Equis whilst watching some Yankees baseball . The little things do help.
  9. Another afternoon on the couch.
  10. Nebraska Red


    Gotta get those beer sales up. Florida bars re opened on Monday at 50% capacity. Local people tell me that rule is NOT being enforced. Local schools re opened in person, massive outcry as sporting events are cancelled when kids/coaches get positive tests. Priorities are totally screwed up.
  11. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    That was a great series of games between these 2 teams. Every game was closely fought. Fair play to the Aussies for making the trip to Covid Island.
  12. Nebraska Red

    The cricket

    Great entertainment this.
  13. Nebraska Red


    Just back from Lowes, a hardware store near me. Signs everywhere "wear a mask, stay 6 feet or more away from other people." Even the store employees weren't all following the guidelines, never mind fellow shoppers. It has to be a conscious effort to ignore the advice being given. Some people are selfish b*****ds. We now have a tupperware box, with masks in, by our front door. A small sign says. "Please take and use a mask if you do not have one. Thank you. " At least these requests are being followed.
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