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  1. i think this is the first season where we've not had to recall players for the league cup 😂 did play virgil/fab and gomez next to williams though, oh and salah upfront. We might not need a second 11 at the same time, all the time, but having more than a top 11 and next to nothing in reserve has bitten us in the past. In the Top 10 rich list of football clubs. Quite simply the mistake of the summer needs to be put right asap.
  2. This summer was bad enough. I know covid f***ed up plans and yep we are not chelsea or man city but we've diced with death for ages with squad depth. The gulf in class from first 11 to second 11 is chronic. the madrid final exposed us having no back up for the front 3 and we've flogged them to death ever since. With Jota i feel we have a viable alternative if one of the front 3 was out for a bit, never felt shaq, divock, ox, lallana could ever really fill that position. We've all known Lovren was going and robbo needed a back up. And we sold lovren to pay for a back up f
  3. indeed might not be born and bred in manchester unlike anthony taylor, lee mason, chris kavanagh, paul tierney but seems to have associated himself with manchester for some reason...wonder why. http://www.salfordnow.co.uk/2015/12/09/feature-referee-david-coote-on-swapping-wickets-for-wembley/ if you've outside merseyside, not got the accent, got kids and they are s*** at football encourage them to get into refereeing - just tell them to claim they support some non league s***e, within a few years they'll be doing VAR and f***ing teams over.
  4. just sell bobby, keep mane and salah and mbappe in the middle. sorted
  5. well if non of them are shifted we've a decent side for the fa cup providing we don't get villa away. neco gomez tsimikas shaq minamino grujic Wini Jones milner keita ox Wilson divock a little unbalanced.
  6. my fear is that we play the same formation, tactics, personnel every week, without change. Perhaps jota in and a slight rotation of the midfielders but we all know its 4-3-3 come hell or highwater. It's predictable and we've done very little in the window to develop plan b if plan a has turned to s***. Granted plan A has been f***ing brilliant for us. Even before covid we are on telly every week and analysed to death. The highline has/will become this years zonal marking if we don't adapt and change. Leeds laid out a tactical blueprint for every team regarding how to counter
  7. under 23s just won 3-5 v man utd. Clarkson got sent off with about 15 to go. He had a great game in midfield with jake cain. Larouci back at left back. Miller and Longstaff also had good games.
  8. ox might be off, linked with Wolves. Origi might be off, brewster might be off to sheffield utd. Leaving elliot, keita & neco. Then there's shaq.
  9. Well my team for lincoln needs rewriting - jota, thiago in - hoever out.
  10. shaq treated like a dog. where the f*** is he?
  11. Well if they sell Brewster they are depleting my squad for Lincoln. On the plus side we can pay off the tv bill and have 8m burning in our back pockets.
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