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  1. The state of him though - with his smoking jacket and tie pin, he only needs a pair of slippers and a pipe, and he'd be your archetypal 1950s suburban dad.
  2. My cat was much better at English than Harry Kane
  3. She hung on for as long as she could, what a loss.
  4. Heard it on BBC five live at 1030 bulletin, even the sports reporter was buzzing, must be one of ours.
  5. They're going to cheat their way to another election victory, aren't they? Seems there is no one to stop this evil madness.
  6. Yeah, but meanwhile Trump's trying to provoke a 'race' war, the absolute turd.
  7. Not sure he wants out at all. Listening to a local Barcelona reporter on t'radio earlier, he believes it's a ploy to get the current Barca hierarchy out. Messi and his supporters in high places within the club want the presidential election held now, not next year, they want Bartomeu out pronto. We'll see, no doubt there'll be more high-strung drama at the Camp Nou, than in a Puccini opera, over the few months.
  8. Listening to a Spanish journo, says Messi doesn't want to leave at all, but is trying to put pressure on the president, who everyone hates apparently, and the board, to resign.
  9. 🎢 It's beginning to feel a lot like Xmas tra la la🎡
  10. Listening to a French football pundit earlier, he was asked, once PSG finish with CL, will that be Kylian's last match. He said that KM only loves us and Real Madrid, but as neither can afford him, he'll probably stay put at PSG. 😒
  11. Before we make an offer, we'll need to build bridges with his club, otherwise we may get boxed in. I'll be in pieces if we don't sign him, and I don't care if he's a bit rusty to begin with.
  12. Just havin' a lorra, lorra fun. πŸ˜†
  13. Was scrolling through this forum recently, and at first glance I thought this title said 'Currently Active Footballers with Merseyside Organs'. 😲
  14. I agree it's a coded message, but I think it is more of a warning - keep your gob shut or my goons will be round to facilitate your 'suicide'. Her trial is not til next year, at which time, hopefully, he'll be out on his ear, facing lots of criminal charges of his own. After all, he won't be the first President to arrange the suicide of a 'troublesome' woman . Allegedly. 🀫
  15. Glad to hear it. I guess Florida is one of the coastal states most affected by turbulent weather in the hurricane season, so you'll no doubt be in for some 'interesting' times.
  16. DonRafa


    Fright privilege.
  17. Yeah but VvD would look oh so dreamy in an old coal sack tbh.
  18. Hmmm, need to brush up on likely candidates.
  19. Good luck, hope the storm is/was not too wild, be interested to hear how it went. I haven't been caught in any particularly stormy weather, apart from tropical rains in various parts of Asia.
  20. Get rid of the teal and the white stripe on the sides and it's decent. My initial reaction was a bit over the top. 🀭 My god, Millie's neck wouldn't look out of place on a minotaur.
  21. Looks a distant prospect at the moment.
  22. We've had some really great kits from New Balance, but these are complete and utter s***te. Very disappointing, not a worthy kit for Champions.
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