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  1. dont get me started. theres some people who have gone anti-entertainment in the past few months, sitting wallowing in misery and demanding everyone else is miserable too.
  2. Gunga Din


    good time to loosen the lockdown then, and bump off a few thousand more
  3. Josemi is another one that you kind of forget played for us
  4. no one knows whats going on. ive read quite a lot of books on the whole set up over there, and a recurring theme seems to be that the people you see in the public eye are not those with the real control. the people who pull the strings are never really seen in public
  5. she's the last of them i think. there was another half brother, but he got bumped off in an airport
  6. the danger is, in such a male dominated society, she will feel she has to show herself to be more ruthless than her brother, just to be seen as worthy. i reckon if Jong-unis dead, and things look like falling apart in North Korea, there is a chance the chinese annex North Korea and seal up the border to stop millions of refugees streaming across
  7. Gunga Din


    wrong thread
  8. Gunga Din


    they dont though. they've not testing everyone who has died in care homes for the virus.
  9. dunno if it this would be good or bad news. if he's dead, his sister will likely get the gig, and she's likely to be at least as ruthless as Jong-un.
  10. Gunga Din


    no one has a clue how many are dying, because they aren't counting everyone who dies from it. it might take a few years before the true scale of this becomes apparent .
  11. Gunga Din


    interesting that Murph. i'd love to have a crack at it myself. i know i had a great grandfather who fought in the 1916 rising, ending up in Bolands Mill under the command of De Valera, a man who he apparently despised the rest of his life. on my dads side, I am related to John Mitchel, who was a famous Irish Nationalist during the 19th century. My material grandmothers family is the one i'd like to research though. she was born in staffordshire, her mother died when she was very young, and her father, who came back from the first world war a broken man abandoned her and her brother and sister. they all got separated and lost contact. she met my grandfather when he was living in Birmingham during world war 2, and came to Ireland with him. She spent a lot of her life trying to find her brother and sister and never did. although a few years ago i managed to trace what happened her sister after about 20 minutes of looking online, although she had died in the late 1980s. ive never found her brother though, its not helped by him having the really common name of Fred Green and me having very little to goon. im hoping the release of the 1921 census next year will help me find out a bit more
  12. Jon passed away in his sleep earlier today. RIP mate YNWA
  13. Gunga Din


    Sammy, really sorry for your loss mate,
  14. Gunga Din


    ive the PS4, haven't been on it much as footie manager 20 has sucked me in. i play a fair bit of poker online to pass the time too
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