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  1. the late 80s? Grobbelaar isnt even in the conversation. Alisson is right up there with people like Southall, Peter Schmeichel, Jennings, Cech and Clemence as the best keepers ever to play in England. For me hes defo the best keeper to play in England since prime Southall
  2. i reckon whoever is coming in has already been sorted. Klopp told the club before Christmas, the backroom staff are leaving too. Id have thought they'd have hung around to see what was happening particularly if Ljinders might have thought he was in the running
  3. i think Littler was born a few weeks after Barneys last world title the age difference is mental though, although not as bad as a 17 year old Ronnie O'Sullivan playing a 79 year old Fred Davis in the Grand Prix in 1992.
  4. wouldn't worry too much about that. i think we are the only side who that has the quality to push city all the way. we are only a top class defensive midfielder away from being complete i reckon.
  5. absolute scum of the earth. I'd bet my last penny every one of those c**** rioting in Dublin will have a relative living abroad.
  6. Am i missing something here? what business is it of yours who she is or isn't shagging, or how many she is or isn't shagging? As long as its consensual its no one else's business. your whole attitude to this stinks of misogynistic bulls***, trying to use her sex life to belittle her.
  7. i tried audio books. got a free trial with audible. i tend only to read at night in bed. found out quite quickly that audio books aren't for me. i kept falling asleep within minutes. currently ploughing throw "a Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles. it was well reviewed, won all sorts of awards, but i'm finding it a right slog
  8. just finished Bob Mortimers autobiography. not normally a fan of autobiographies, but this was really good
  9. Gunga Din

    The rugby

    i've been to Roma a few times to watch Ireland. No need to buy a package, just get your flights and hotels sorted. it wont be anywhere near a sell out, tickets are easy got for that one
  10. Gunga Din

    The rugby

    6 nations ahead of the world cup are always interesting. for once, Ireland look like they're peaking at the right time. Ireland and i think will be the teams to beat.
  11. the entire midfield, every single one of them, need replaced. Henderson, Thiago, Fabinho, Milner, Ox, Keita all need showing the door. we should have been replacing one per season the last 5 years, but we havent. Thiago would probably be ok if he had people to do the running, but theres nothing in there. They've barely got a goal or assist between them all season. And its the root cause of our defensive issues as well, teams are just running through us.
  12. the best final since Barney beat Taylor. Smith deserved that win. he was by far the better player on the night
  13. Gunga Din

    Merry Xmas

    merry Christmas folks
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