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  1. Gunga Din


    absolutely right. theres no reasons why most uni lectures cant happen online either.
  2. Gunga Din


    all office staff should be working from home if they can. absolutely no need for anyone to be in the office whatsoever if the government are serious about suppressing the spread.
  3. Gunga Din


    why is it logical? would it not be more logical to close schools and universities if you want to stop it spreading? close work places were there are large numbers of people, call centres, offices etc? the whole thing is a f***ing shambles
  4. ts that time of the year again so, lets have your predictions. top 4 in order which 3 are going down Top Scorer First manager to get sacked/leave League Cup winners FA Cup Winners European Cup winners
  5. Ha Ha you're dead by green day
  6. have you no front teeth now or are you getting implants?
  7. different set up in America though with the draft system
  8. Glue factory is too good for that yoke.
  9. my dads owned horses in the past, hes currently talking with about buying another one. he had one that he was always banging on about how good it was, and every time it ran it was s***e, and we were all losing money on it. It was racing at Galway one year and we asked if it was worth backing, and my da said no, they were just trying it out over a different trip. b*****d romped in at 40's,, and no one had any money it it except my oul fella.
  10. haha, cheers, ill throw a few quid e/w on it for no other reason than i'll be fuming if it comes in and i dont back it
  11. whats the word from the yard Cobs?
  12. dont get me started. theres some people who have gone anti-entertainment in the past few months, sitting wallowing in misery and demanding everyone else is miserable too.
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