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Whats it to be then?

Igors Uncle Dave

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Given that United have made £90M more than us, how does this effect peoples views on the proposed new stadium? I appreciate that Anfield holds dear to us all but are we allowing this loyalty, for want of a better word, to hold us back from much greater things for the club?


Again Hicks and Gillette are instrumental in the “on/off” saga surrounding the stadium. The fact that they can not inject the required funds is the reason why the new stadium plans are on hold. I have read in here many views both for and against the new stadium over the past year or so, each one from the heart and with good reasoning. But where do we go from here?


As a club we are now living on reputation, a reputation build up through generations of loyal and intelligent fans. We use the word “family” to describe what our club means to us, yet for some, we deny progress where the stadium is mentioned. Our trophy haul was our back bone, it was our proud list of honours that we used to fend off the likes of the mancs. Now, that list of honours and the difference therein, is quickly shrinking.


Progress is what is needed and at present we will not progress under the current regime, of that I am sure we are all agreed. Whether the owners or Rafa himself needs to go will continue to be debated over the course of the next few months. On a personal note I feel that it should be the owners because of the lies and deceit they have brought to the club. Only by brining in someone with some honour and understanding of exactly what Liverpool football club stands for will we be able to build bridges within our structure.


Rafa himself has made some mistakes and it is the ones on the field that we see and it is here where we judge him. As a manager he is exceptional in many aspects and is respected by many in game. He is still very young too and has a great career ahead of him. His trusted zonal marking system is targeted by ex-proffesionals across the country yet has provided Pepe Reina with the golden gloves for the most clean sheets for the past 3 seasons (I could be corrected here).


The rotational system too is hit by many, even his own players throw the occasional remark in against him. Again we seem to do ok and it is the lack of two or three quality players I feel, that stops us from providing a decent challenge on the league. We have moved on from players like Diouf, Diao, Cheyrou, LeTallec and bless him Igor (I miss him). We now have players like Riera, Alonso, Mascha, Benny and Aurelio. The standard has risen some.


To be able to move on we must open our arms to the thought of a new stadium, we must allow our club to embrace the opportunity to match and compete with those who have those addition funds. We compete almost on the same level now but by providing the manager with stability in the back room and additional funds for world class players, it will allow us to once again climb to the heights we once knew.


Just a thought

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