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  1. Anybody who was Labour and is now a Tory is a c***
  2. That's how he will defeat us - 1000 tweets per day until we give up
  3. So basically, and stop me if I am wrong here - Trump thinks he is going to lose the November election and so decides to use recent tragic events as an excuse to start a civil war in the US with the police, militias and military on his side. A civll war will allow him to declare a national emergency and basically take control of the country for as long as he wants. The military refuse to take part (for now) and the whole thing is a f***ing mess. No?
  4. I got 4 - didn't know the first one
  5. Ok, so I finished my online course last weekend and we had a two day online carnival and I got to play this track to a couple of hundred people including the god-like Dave Stewart. Dave f***ing Stewart - let that sink in for a minute or two. And he messaged me and said that he loved it. It's going on my biography now - 'As loved by Dave f***ing Stewart'. And here it is - and no Bandcamp fees today https://thedeccantraps.bandcamp.com/track/the-logic-of-lean Ps - Dave Stewart is, surprisingly I know, an absolute c**k. But don't tell him I said so cos I'm secretly hoping that he might send me like 10 grand through the post.
  6. pipnasty


    Downing Street reporting that the PM might have to self-isolate for two weeks after being in contact with that fella Sorry - just realised that this has already been posted
  7. Neil Tenants lyrics aren't as good as they once were
  8. I only wanted something else to do but hang around
  9. pipnasty


    It's quite obvious that the government are still pursuing herd immunity but how on earth do you measure that immunity? Well, at the beginning of this, they were told that it would cost 250,000 lives to obtain herd immunity so maybe the plan is to kill 250,000 and then see where we are. I think that is all they have got. 'How do we get there without causing too much alarm?'
  10. pipnasty


    Yeah, thank f*** were going back to normal
  11. pipnasty


    What an awful situation - sorry to hear it, Boon
  12. I set up a People's Assembly back in March in my town and I've just had a call from The Guardian saying they want to to an article on it
  13. pipnasty


    He'll probably 'catch it' again
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