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  1. pipnasty


    The thing is this - we have problems and we have predicaments. Problems can be solved and predicaments can only be endured and suffered. We think that we can 'solve' everything but this isn't true. Covid is a predicament - we can respond to it but there is no one solution. No one response will erase Covid. See also Climate Change.
  2. No props for his dive after scoring?
  3. pipnasty


    Wait until they charge people for having the vaccine
  4. Imagine what football would be like if Liverpool didn't exist?
  5. Seems like loads of the schools in the area have invited him in to talk but he has refused. Bet he wishes that cancel culture was an actual thing now
  6. What happened to the Penis Sub-Forum?
  7. Who the f*** is top now? Could be anybody. Could even be a team that hasn't even been invented yet
  8. Yep - was gonna post that. Mrs P won't even let me talk about it - changes the subject if I bring it up
  9. We always get to the spring and wonder why there are so many saplings growing all over the place. What could be going on? Watching squirrels bury acorns all over the garden all of this week may explain a few things - there is no way they remember where they bury all of this stuff.
  10. pipnasty


    And he wants £100 billion for his moonshot - this government f***ing love Covid
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