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  1. Twitter rumours that Rachel Reeves will become the Shadow Chancellor under Keir Starmer
  2. pipnasty


    Typical neoliberals - spend more time making up excuses than actually doing the job they are paid for
  3. pipnasty


    Good to have you back
  4. pipnasty


    Cheers - will give that a go
  5. pipnasty


    Yeah - proper doing my head in
  6. pipnasty


    Cos they want a supermarket delivery - I know, crazy isn't it? The MIL (who is 79) has said that she will go to the supermarket herself if she has to.
  7. pipnasty


    Mrs P's parents live about 300 miles away and are both self-isolating for 12 weeks due to age and medical conditions. They get on really well with their next-door neighbour who has said she will do their shopping for them but they have refused to accept the offer and want home deliveries from supermarket instead. But, the supermarkets aren't taking on new customers and, even if they were, there are no slots available for weeks. The in-laws have basically ran out of food - neighbours have left shopping at their door but they are refusing to take it in. It's got to the point where Mrs P is talking about driving down there to sort it out with them. Last thing we need, innit?
  8. pipnasty


    Yeah, gonna really start getting tough now, isn't it?
  9. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
  10. pipnasty


    That was kinda my experience too - one of the worst headaches I have ever had for a couple of days. And yeah, it absolutely knackered me for quite a while. It does sound like you've had it worse though to be fair
  11. So, it's National Beastie Boys Day - what ya gonna play? Disclaimer - It's not actually National Beastie Boys Day but f*** it
  12. pipnasty


    Sammy - good news about your dad, onwards and upwards. Look after yourselves
  13. pipnasty


    This is partly what is happening in Italy and Spain, isn't it?
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