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  1. Why don't you just marry a can of Red Bull Phil.
  2. True. But he came via Southampton so we got a good look at him in the league first.
  3. You'd hope we'd have learned our lesson by now not to get swept up in the hype the Energy drink teams love creating for their players. How many have been a success elsewhere? Is it just Haaland?
  4. Anyone else of the YNWA.tv Crosby massive going to try get a ticket for the Marine game?
  5. Sion


    Surely the important thing here is to hype him up after a few games so that we eventually can sell him for big money. Like Arsenal did with Martinez.
  6. I thought Pair of Shoes was a bit dodgy last night to be honest. There was quite a few times we got in behind him but miscontrolled it or were just offside. He ran fast against Mane that one time though. The Atalanta lad looked a better prospect to me
  7. Why is he made of crisps. Most goalies play like 400 games on the spin.
  8. The answer is of course Chelsea. It's no contest. I think City finish above both of them though. Whether we do is another matter.
  9. Just blitz these s*** pricks. Win 5-2 or something.
  10. Whatever it is they'll have to get a move on as the game is in 9 days.
  11. I have no idea how they would decide those 2k people. Season ticket holders who live x miles away from the ground who then have to show ID at the gate?
  12. Lots saying Mane might be rested but I can't see it. He's our most important player for me. Take him off after 60 if need be, but he has to play.
  13. We are back into clear favourites to win the thing. But Spurs are a best priced 11/2. Seems awfully short that considering they're a serious Kane injury away from a bottom half finish.
  14. Thiago is actually good though. Aquilani was crap but got over rated because we were so desperate at the time
  15. If he played for a mid table German team then Chelsea and Man Utd would be gearing up 50m bids for him.
  16. Surely the argument here is go all out for the win and get qualification in the bag. If we're 2 or 3 up by the hour mark pull the main men off. Then we've basically got 2 full midweek offs then for anyone we want.
  17. I just can't believe how much better he is than I expected. Its insane.
  18. Robbo Fabinho Matip and Neco or Milner is a lot more solid than what it could have been.
  19. He brushes the ball slightly then completely takes him out. That's a pen imo.
  20. Think so Good news. He's one of their best players.
  21. Irish Liverpool fans are obsessed with Keane being under rated or not been given a fair chance. I think its because he was so pivotal for the international team and never got close to being that player for us. But I think that's just because he wasn't actually that good.
  22. Sion

    Welcome VvD

    He's 100% gonna be ahead of schedule though isn't he. He's gonna come back for the derby at the end of Feb and them lot will lose their minds.
  23. Klopp would have got the best out of Shelvey I reckon. He probably still wouldn't be playing for us now but would have had a better career.
  24. I like the idea Phil but it's not happening in reality is it. Neco RWilliams Matip Robbo Gini Milner KeitaorJones Jota Firmino Mane Is nailed surely. Unless one of the crocks makes a miraculous recovery.
  25. To be fair before they got injured you could say the same about VVD and Gomez. Both were having poor starts and we were leaking goals.
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