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  1. Hopefully we will everything and Klopp leaves with a statue.
  2. Didn't think I would ever be as devastated as when Rafa left. This is far worse. Don't think we will ever be as happy with a manager as we were under Jurgen
  3. f*** it's devastating. Ive almost crashed. Love him. May he have a happy life ahewd
  4. Nunez needs to do some anti dote for black magic. He's unlucky
  5. Didn't really think rice was as good as the levels he has displayed at arsenal.
  6. We need a 150 run win or something to qualify I think
  7. Have to say England should have won the series comfortably
  8. How ? Pope grassing a chance was unlucky for England. We have 4 number 11s after this pair so it's still England's to lose
  9. Haha. Yes Pakistan will win by ten wickets
  10. Lol . Never underestimate Pakistan to f up.. however don't rule out us winning if under 300 to chase on the last day
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