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  1. I'm not enjoying it at all, don't think I've watched a single game that we weren't in.
  2. It's hard not to sound like a moany auld lad when you're talking about VAR but this isn't football anymore. It's some sort of hybrid sport now and it's not as enjoyable. I was hugely in favour of bringing it in but they've made a balls of it and it's destroying the game.
  3. We've had basically four lads make it as first team regulars in the last 25 years, our youth system was broken for most of that time. You only have to look at other top clubs to see going on loan doesn't have to be the end of someone's career at a big team. If you look at the England squad there are several examples; Spurs sent Kyle Walker and Harry Kane out on loan, Chelsea sent Mason Mount and Reece James out, Villa sent Grealish out. The idea that there is just one way to make it as a footballer is very antiquated. There are loads of players in our squad who failed before they made it
  4. Maldini


    Anyone using Google' Stadia? Just wondering if it's one of those things that's better in concept than reality
  5. I'm kind of awestruck by the lack of self awareness displayed here
  6. Thought he was very good today, his most mature performance in the first team so far. He looks like he's really getting up to speed on what he's supposed to do when he's not on the ball.
  7. Nah I can remember having arguments with people saying he was talented but a bit of a schoolyard player who played off the cuff and wouldn't fit into a Rafa side. I think some of Jimmylibel, Aka Dus, dorgie etc were saying the same. There's a perception that Robbie Keane is universally loved in Ireland but that's never really been the case. He was a great player for Ireland but the standard at international football is s***e and his attitude always rubbed some people up the wrong way.
  8. Nah, I remember most of the Irish lads on here being dead against signing him and others arguing they'd seen enough of him in league to judge.
  9. Gini has played 2 games more for the Netherlands than Marco van Basten did and has scored only 4 goals less than him.
  10. After all this, if we win it this season they should give us two.
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