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  1. Saw that earlier on Instagram, anyone got a link. I don't really understand the distinction between this and the job he was doing before. It seemed like he more or less had total control before or is it a case that Klopp had the final say with him reporting to Klopp essentially?
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if he's injured as well, he looked like he could barely move in Extra Time
  3. He's in the unfortunate position of following a guy who scored more goals from that position than anyone in the history of the league. 10-15 goals a season used to be an great return for a winger but Mane, Salah etc have changed what people expect from a winger
  4. Proper footballers all of them aren't they, all of them seem like they've good football intelligence. A credit to Klopp and the academy
  5. I don't think Madrid is quite as attractive for managers as it is for players, they sack them as soon as the next shiny thing comes along. Mourinho was their third longest serving manager and he was only there for three years
  6. If you mind the MMs, the BBs look after them selves
  7. We've spent the last two years trying to find a DOF to no avail, the internal appointment left after a few months and we eventually signed some no-mark lad on a short-term basis just to keep the club functional. Despite knowing he was short term and going to leave we don't seem to have anyone back and in the last fortnight have gone back to the lad whose departure started the whole search in the first place. I don't think they've learned anything from Klopp.
  8. They also started building it without securing financing for it which is completely insane. They only finally convinced someone to give them cash in September and even that was only for £100m. Moshiri has fronted most of the cash himself, if they go down he/Usmanov/Putin is never getting that back. You'd wonder what sort of interest rate they're having to pay as well. Huge pity Luton couldn't beat Sheffield United at the weekend, it really would have ramped up the pressure on them.
  9. I'd have him on a par with Ronaldo (9) and ahead of Suarez, not like I was watching him every week though to be honest
  10. January 2025: "Hey Jude! Mbappe unhappy playing second fiddle to Bellingham, could Reds swoop?" click x on 45 ads to read page 1/5
  11. I'd only dispute the Messi and maybe Ronaldo assessments. He was absolutely unreal
  12. We haven't seem pig-headed ignorance like this since the heady days of spider-neil. I'm reminiscing now! Top Torying old chap!
  13. They were a good crop of players, we didn't have the setup to make the most of them though, they weren't even training in the same place. Klopp is prepared to take the risk on these kids, they're also far more integrated into the first team way of doing things so the transition is seamless
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