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  1. Maldini


    Joey Barton will probably do it before a player
  2. It may sound like hyperbole but I really think what Trump is about to do in reversing the US's social isolation policies in a vain attempt to prop up the stock market will go down in history beside The Holocaust, Stalin's purges and Mao's Great Leap Forward as one of the most horrific acts in modern history. Millions of people will die if he goes ahead with this.
  3. This might help a few - Dan Harris did a podcast on how to handle coronavirus anxiety - some good advice within from an anxiety expert from Harvard and a meditation teacher/rabbi https://www.tenpercent.com/podcast-episode/how-to-handle-coronavirus-anxiety-special-edition
  4. Maldini


    This article about projections of where the US will be over the next few months is staggering. Without restrictions there'll be half a million new cases per day at the peak around mid to late May. Even with restrictions like those in Ireland or now in the UK they'll have over a quarter of a million a day.
  5. Some good news amidst the maelstrom, Sean Cox has returned home for the first time since he was attacked https://www.the42.ie/sean-cox-returns-home-liverpool-fan-5053270-Mar2020/?utm_source=shortlink
  6. Maldini


    I can't watch BBC or Sky News any more it's making me too anxious, it's like watching a nuke go off in slow motion. I just can't get my head around what's going on over there. How are there still tubes full of people in London every morning? What is Johnson doing? Do they not realise the severity of what is coming or do they not care? This is verging on genocide at this point. Look after yourselves lads and self isolate ASAP, take holidays now if work won't let you work from home if possible. Do whatever you have to for you, your family and your community, your government has abandoned you. This is going to get incredibly bad over there.
  7. Maldini


    I think they will want to complete it out of a sense of restoring normality (there's going to be a big social push towards that) but who knows when that'll happen. It honestly might be over a year the way things are going. Even completing the season behind closed doors brings risk for players, management, coaches, training ground staff, stadium staff and broadcast crew. All of them will have to have contact with people and as the death rates go exponential I can't see how anyone can justify that risk. The herd immunity approach makes me wonder if we're not talking about running this season into the 21/22 season rather than the 20/21 season. In the short to medium term cases are probably going to be way higher in the UK than in other places
  8. Maldini


    Justin Trudeau's wife has tested positive
  9. Maldini


    Callum Hudson-Odoi has tested positive for it. Football is going to seem very trivial very soon. We're not far off people we know; celebrities, friends and acquaintances dying from this.
  10. Maldini


    Yeah, you're probably right. I'm sure you've got a better handle on all of this than the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
  11. Maldini


    Heard an American epidemiologist talking yesterday who said it'll be six months of restrictions minimum. He also said the modelling was predicting 480k deaths from it in the US alone. It could end up more if Trump keeps treating it as a political issue.
  12. Maldini


    The NBA have suspended their season
  13. Maldini


    I think UEFA would be happy to change it to one nation if that was an option. I'd to go to one of the FAI's early briefings on the tournament for work and they said UEFA had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they proposed 12 hosts. It's been a logistical nightmare for them apparently, they've had to hire hundreds of extra people to staff the ground teams being sent to each country beforehand. They're introducing a transport card that has to work in all 12 cities so they've had to work with all 12 governments to force that through in time and make it compliant with 12 different ticketing systems.
  14. Maldini


    Italy had 400 cases on February 26th and have 9000+ cases now. The UK has 319 today for what it's worth. This is going to happen very quickly. I just hope we get to Palace before they start locking places down. The way things are going I can't see this season being completed on schedule, they might have to take a couple of months off and roll the end of this season into the start of next. Closed doors games will only be able to last a couple of weeks tops, you'll still need hundreds of people at each stadium to make them work. I think they're going to cancel the Euros as well.
  15. They will this time if they go ahead. You can't watch Biden speak without worrying about his cognitive state, it's really really hard to watch. He constantly slurs his words, forgets where he is, forgets the name of the last president, confuses his sister for his wife, says he's running for senator rather than president. Have you not noticed he's doing very few interviews? His campaign isn't far off a Weekend At Bernie's remake at this stage. Joe Biden of 8 years ago could beat Trump, I'm not sure this version will survive in the spotlight though. This is all before you consider the fact that he's a flagbearer for the Democratic establishment with a long history of being on the wrong side of history with a whiff of corruption around him, just like the person who lost to Trump last time out.
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