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  1. Relevant : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-29/nyc-to-shift-1-billion-from-nypd-to-social-services-mayor-says?fbclid=IwAR3JKOhCwfpPxVhS_VLyLmTjBu0bemjY9O9qgYCDiA41YU04jLVYFDQo_Bw
  2. Managed to find that vid of Williamson in Parliament calling for a review on selling arms to Israel due to how they treat Palestinians. Was it perhaps this that has caused him to be targeted ?
  3. Meanwhile In Palestine (warning - distressing images) ...
  4. Margaret Hodge again accusing Chris Williamson and 'many on the Hard Left' of antisemitism this last weekend. Williamson challenges her to say where he was antisemitic; no response from her yet. Watching the full vid he has linked is essential for any Labour supporter to be be familiar with. Put into context this was the accusation against him :
  5. So when Williamson criticises Israel now do people : i) accept that and act on it, ii) dismiss him as an antisemitic irrelevance ? When Corbyn criticises Israel now do people : i) respect his life long service in antiracism and supporting the Jewish community, ii) think his opinion doesn't carry any weight because it's compromised and anyway he's a raving Irish Republican. When Dianne Abbott criticises Israel now do people i) accept action needs to be taken, or ii) laugh cause she can't add up and has never achieved anything. If you don't think they've been shut down by various methods then I don't know what to say to you. That list of (21) politicians are largely irrelevant and can be easily ignored.
  6. That's not how it works. It's what sammy says - they're shut down by accusations of antisemitism so their very valid criticisms of Israel can be dismissed. They can't actually be dismissed for their criticism of what Israel does because they are right. Williamson wasn't shut down when he detailed Israels atrocities in the House of Commons and went on record demanding sales of arms to Israel be stopped. Funnily enough I can't find that video now although it used to be all over youtube. He was shut down by a series of accusations of being antisemitic.
  7. Dianne Abbott : Tahir Ali : Richard Burgon : https://www.thejc.com/comment/comment/richard-burgon-s-remarks-show-how-deep-labour-s-antisemitism-problem-runs-1.496815 Zarah Sultana : That's a few at random but it makes the point.
  8. Not what I said. I was very specifically pointing to the fact that criticising Israeli forces was defacto being considered as antisemitic. If that's not your point then I'm wrong and I apologise. This is what you said : Sorry if you’re done and you won’t see this, but it’s bad for my mental health to see decent people lining up to say they can’t see why it’s antisemitic to say “this massive specific thing that happened, Israelis were behind that, well maybe not that exactly but they have done other bad things”. The fact is that as a matter of procedure Israeli forces do exactly that same thing to protestors. And they have trained many US police officers specifically on how to control civilian protestors and threats. Again that's not really the central issue. The issue is you are suggesting criticism of Israeli forces is antisemitic. This group of people who regularly murder and maim other human beings are not criticised because they are Jewish it's because they regularly maim and murder other human beings. And they do that because they've been trained to by the state of Israel. I say criticising that's not antisemitic. You seem to say it is antisemitic ? I mean I get where you are coming from. Maybe you didn't know Israeli force have trained many US cops ? Maybe you didn't know that Israeli forces kneel on protestors necks as a matter of operational procedure ? If you're saying making stuff up because they are Jewish is antisemitic then I'm 100% with you, but I don't see that as what's happened. edit : it sounds like I'm carte blanche condemning all Jewish defence forces and that's not my intention.
  9. No judgement on him as a politician but the fact he is so readily dismissed as a racist is a massive red flag for all of us. He and Jackie Walker have been anti racist their whole career but they've been totally demonised. What Williamson is is a litmus test of the truth. Jackie Walker is an interesting and topical case in point - a black Jewish woman who has spent her career trying to bring attention to numerous examples of Black Holocausts which are entirely comparable to WWII. Yet a lot of trendy left wing pseudo-intellectuals will see no hypocrisy in linking a few BLM posts on social media while dismissing her at the same time. And let's just go back to the point Israel in the immediate past have opened fire indiscriminetly on protestors killing 25 and maiming and injuring thousands and consider why that isn't the centre of debate and news coverage.
  10. Corbyn, Jackie Walker, Chris Williamson. Massive racists..... Honestly, anyone who believes this has bought into the tidal wave of propaganda that's been brought to bear against all critics of Israel.
  11. I accept that. What Peake should have said is : i) Israel defence forces regularly train US cops on how to control protestors, ii) Israel defence forces kneel on protestors throats as a matter of operational procedure, iii) it's certain Israel defence forces train US cops on these methods but I can't prove it. Meanwhile in the immediate past Israel defence forces have murdered dozens of protestors and injured a couple of thousand by firing large amount of live ammunition into crowds. Antisemitism on a massive scale. Routinely Israel defence forces kill, maim, murder and dispossess large numbers of Palestinians. Just don't expect them to be held to account for it. The other tragedy I see is that real antisemitism is starting to happen around the world but the country of Israel have cried 'antisemitism' so many times to silence their critics it's not getting the attention it should to squash it out.
  12. Chris Williamson did exactly the same thing in the House of Commons and called for an end to selling arms to Israel because of it. How did that go for him ?
  13. This is accepting criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Israel have won the propaganda battle and any criticism of how Israel operate is off the table. Here's how Israel control protesters : But we can't call it out because it's antisemitic to do so. A few weeks back in direct contravention of international law Israel used large amounts of live ammunition killing 25 Palestinian protesters and wounding a couple of thousand. Guessing it didn't make the news.
  14. As Neil gets older he looks more and more like Michael Gove. Has anyone seen them in the same room together ?
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