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  1. He looks old beyond his years. And he is still very annoying.
  2. Razor Ruddock. The annoying c***. On “Celebrity” Masterchef
  3. The dividends the Glazers have taken in the same time suggest he is great at his job, it’s just being assessed from the wrong POV
  4. Sicario - only just got around to watching it. Wow. Brutal and engrossing and Blunt 6/10
  5. Woah there. It was an observation. Not a fantasy.
  6. He’s got a look of an Olympic power lifter. Those thighs. So short. So powerful.
  7. This is it. The end of days. Armageddon in French Bulldog form.
  8. And we persists with the horrid beard. Beards, as we have learned, are not cool.
  9. I’m happy with a bald pussy as long as it doesn’t look evil
  10. Lady I work with has two of those. They are f***ing evil looking things.
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