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  1. apart from when he scored against us at home like
  2. Congratulations Hass.... wonderful news
  3. that's just like so s***.. , so sorry
  4. Ha I ended up working with my Dad in the training office because of my first day on the bottling line... There was a promotion on and they were manually putting the card things that go on the gin bottle necks while in the cases before they were sealed. The line was slowed slightly to allow this.. So I did two cases at same time left and right hand simultaneously.. worked up the line.. then went and sat down until they had nearly cleared and then got up and repeated the process... .... after 30 mins I was literally frog marched off the floor by the foreman, with some refere
  5. you've met her then? Am absolutely made up for her.. all being done by zoom in near future... potentially 14 hours of hanging around and hoping the broadband does not go off at critical point (for reference I'm loading her mobile up data wise as fallback)
  6. Oh and in other news.. My daughter has just got an audition with Julliard 🤞 (the bank manager is not crossing his fingers mind)
  7. I can remember doing a summer job at the same factory my dad worked as training manager at and I knew exactly what he had already done re the training schedule for the year. Meeting after meeting.. "yep.. I will get onto that.. yep good idea.. let me consider when I can do that" Every single f***ing thing was already done and filed and logged (he was a tad overqualified for the job but this was back in the day when over 50 meant very little job opportunities). Spent most of the day in his office feet up listening to the cricket, only working when he needed to.. he reckoned he could do the
  8. I'm back working from my apartment full time again. Which is s***.. Was hoping to get back to UK to see the Fam weekend after next but that looks like it isn't going to happen. Switzerland took nearly every country off the quarantine list last Thursday as due to rises everywhere and here they thought.. what's the point so thought I might have a weekend back in quarantine but not be in 10 day isolation here on my return... On other news.. the guy in the apartment upstairs is still trying to learn the same piece of piano music as he was on the last lockdown... I may just kill him...
  9. to be fair that's probably best advice to take when I eventually get down that way and stay......
  10. Always When I was up there in the John Barnes era it felt like they made sure for any conversation to include some oblique / and often less oblique references to bananas. They were racist c****
  11. How long does it take for radiators to cool down.. . with 15 I think it might be a tad more than a day
  12. Go to Gartner for an overview of the market offerings. It is where I start off any vendor selection in an area I do not have sufficient expertise EG. RPA
  13. Harsh leaving them locked up in that room that long. Do they have access to food water and bedding?
  14. Watched a small series called 'Modern Love' on Amazon Prime, thoroughly enjoyed it with quite a high profile cast, each episode a different story and then bringing them together in the last episode. Think this could have been done better. Reminded me of a Will Self set of short stories (name escapes me) that eventually intertwined but here it was more contextual than any deeper connection.
  15. I'm guessing that the uptick from the win and not on company fundamentals will be made on private polling paid for by hedge funds and the like through the poll count
  16. When I worked at Cantors our European Head had picture of him with OJ at a NFL game framed on the wall. Mainly because in the picture he was wearing 'those shoes' and 'those gloves'
  17. It can in Wales. Its live its working and is being done Any comments as 'it can't in England because.. ' are speculative and generalised statements as they come. And do you know what.. its the very reason why it can't just be 'given to Amazon' as they do not appreciate the complexity and nuances that you say clearly exist. NOW: If any health board, under its control and remit, supported its track and trace efforts with outside help in a clear targeted measures, scope and with terms of reference therefore in a controlled fashion, managed on the ground by people who were on the front l
  18. What exactly is your point here? Think that there are varying levels of privatisation? (UK English here please) some that are ok and some that are not. First they came for the cleaners and no one spoke up... apologies for the b*****dised cliche here... This is another Tory policy, privatisation by stealth.. " oh its only less than 1% of the NHS spend... etc. etc.
  19. The variety and imagination of our threads has clearly regressed over time hasn't it
  20. I was there. Felt a sense of extreme trepidation when I arrived and he said he was really pleased to finally meet me 😲
  21. Thing is Ant.. this is the long term tory policy of how to be able to privatise the NHS and not have a whimper from the general population... ... defund it then say we should use Amazon. Yes its a time of crisis but this is the thin end of a very thick wedge and absolutely this is something we, as a collective wherever possible, choose this hill to die on..
  22. So not quite like for like pics but you can see the transformation
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