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  1. Just been photoshopped, innit
  2. Think you must have dreamt it, mate
  3. Yeah - the Morecambe Bay thing. That was an experience. Cancer
  4. Tony Morris My old mate from Granada - won my only BAFTA with him many years ago. Just a lovely fella
  5. But I want them to go to jail
  6. Cheers - gonna tell the admin to feck off. Get in!!!!
  7. Ok, so the group I am in has GDPR policy that only committee members can access emails and the email account. All good We also have a Facebook group but we have one person who is not on our committee who has Admin access to this account. So, the same type of data is available from both email and Facebook accounts - email address, names, phone numbers, addresses etc. Are we in breach of our own policy? Is email and Facebook kinda treated the same? The ECHR has stated that Facebook admin are classed as data controllers but our policy indicates that only committee members can be data controllers. I'm hoping the answer is yes so that I can tell the Facebook admin to f*** off PS - the Facebook admin wrote our GDPR policy
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    Still taking the piss "There is a growing concern about the testing situation in care homes, however. Government had promised to provide regular testing of all staff and residents across the sector throughout the summer, but this morning it emerged that pledge had been abandoned. That is now not said to be possible until September." https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/breaking-major-incident-declared-greater-18704165?fbclid=IwAR0y0Jc0a1LTmDR2JAUkGJ1Kzi8gV3SDhnff7Zyr559OjHhyKEZHLG_XwVE
  9. I saw Max Richter play in MCR a few years ago. This is probably his most well known record but I'd not seen the video before
  10. She was gonna play in Liverpool a few years go and cancelled at the last minute - absolutely gutted. Think Smithdown was gonna go too
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    Sorry to hear that, Hassony
  12. pipnasty


    Yeah, same here - never bought a thing since it moved to the Bluecoat.
  13. He is in a couple of photos. The various Monkee households in the area seemed to be the places to hang out.
  14. Can this not all go in the Piss sub-forum?
  15. pipnasty

    Laurel Canyon

    As an offshoot from the telly thread, your favourite Laurel Canyon songs, PLEASE!
  16. pipnasty


    And if you wander onto social media, you can see already that 'it was muzlims wot did it' is being parroted by the useful idiots
  17. I think I must have - no way that can be true
  18. "Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, will officially launch what the party is calling the “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” campaign on Friday, with a visit to a company in Peterborough." He's got this, lads
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