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Leo No.8

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Really up for tonight, I can't stand Madrid.


They must be the most arrogant club on the face of the planet; winds me up they base elections for president on which players they are going to bring in, even though those players are under contract to other clubs (although Barca are guilty of this too).


There's no loyalty or honour, sacking managers like Del Bosque, an incredibly loyal servant to the club at the drop of a hat. As soon as anything goes wrong on the pitch the white hankies are out, no patience from the fans.


And of course there's the fact that they are basically bank rolled by the Government. Every time they buy their way into the sh*t there's a convenient cash injection to put them back into the black again.


They probably think they're going to stuff us tonight. Lets make Anfield a cauldron, press and harry the likes of that little gimp Robben to every corner of the pitch and send them back to Spain with their tails between their legs.


Been waiting for a crack at this lot at Anfield for years, just hope we can press home the advantage we gained over there. We need to create one of those famous European nights and make them crumble in the first half hour.


There can't be any complacency.

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