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  1. In as much as they got the coach they wanted who they thought could win trophies at this club, yes...
  2. If anyone cares, Eriksson to Utd is off according to the excited SSN gimps.
  3. If Klopp thinks Coutinho is the key that turns three/four draws in to wins this season, do you really think he's going to go 'ahh, but he was mean to someone, we'll show him...'? Clue: He's already said there's no issue.
  4. In that case, well done you. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast.
  5. And it's up to Brewster to change that
  6. The key words there being 'right player'. Klopp has already shown he's happy to wait rather than get the wrong person in. He also plans several years ahead.
  7. They're not "annoyed", they're declaring FSG (the ones who have been at the helm as the ground has improved, the training ground is being improved, and we've been to two three European finals, winning one) failures. Would love to know what success looks like.
  8. We've demonstrably improved year on year, and yet because you didn't get a new toy the day the shops opened - they've failed. OK.
  9. According to L'Equipe we've matched Lille's valuation for Nicolas Pepe. (report on live4liverpool.com, make of it what you will) During all the doom and gloom, a couple of thoughts. Rafa had to settle time and again for a body rather then the body he wanted (Degen, that Ukranian t*** I can't even be bothered to remember the name of), where as Klopp has always maintained no player is better than the wrong player — as he showed waiting for VvD to get sorted. There's been an African Nations Cup and that South American jamboree this summer, so any players he actually wants may well be busy (P
  10. Like so many things in life, it wasn't long enough
  11. *Pops out for lunch* *Returns, hits 'refresh'* What the....
  12. OK, that's what we're calling it now is it?
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