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  1. Thing I liked about him vs Leicester vs previous outing at home was that he played forwards more. Last time he was too conservative in his play, slowed things down and may as well not have been on the pitch. Shaq came on playing forward passes and changed it up. This time he believed in himself and imposed his talent on the game more, looking to create. Much better from him.
  2. Yeah me too. Thought it was pen myself. I reckon that would have been given pre international break. They seemed to have changed the implementation again..
  3. What a player. Probably just missing his song every week.
  4. I wouldn't start Jones in a game like this.
  5. If we decide to have the ball and and attack we need to be clinical as they are lethal on counter attacks. Remember them smashing City recently. I'd be inclined to let them have the ball and counter them.
  6. Our first 11 absolutely smashes this league, just not sure we'll ever see it.
  7. Why do they keep testing him, it's irrelevant! 10 day isolation after first test is all that's required here. Bring him home, good to play after Leicester game.
  8. Most players where those GPS gadgets in a vest these days whilst playing. Just use that tech. Electric shock when offside
  9. Haha. The first bit! The second bit requires different language 😁
  10. We shouldn't forget that football has an exemption and normal rules do not apply. Also, quite why the Egyptian official thinks he'll return a negative test shortly is still odd. Seems to be based on Salah being asymptomatic and nothing else.
  11. I think they should stop using lines, as whatever the rule, (sleeve, foot, body etc) there will alway be contention as there will always be someone who is "1 inch offside“. Anyone looking at the monitor without lines for both Mane and Bamford would have said onside, and nobody would have argued against. With the use of lines as they do, I'd argue it's now impossible to be level, so they've basically got rid of level is onside, albeit inadvertently.
  12. I guess he may need to return two negative tests 10 days apart or something once it's known he's had it, maybe?
  13. Destroyed it with precision and length. All aspects of his game were spot on. Also like that yet again Augusta has proven to favour fading the ball, not draw.
  14. So Milner plays right back regularly but you are playing Hendo there and Milner in midfield...?
  15. I know it's Monday morning but jeez...
  16. Rory has lost all his motivation. Mentally weak now. Just not focused at all.
  17. China prefers Trump, as a broken America is better for them
  18. Where did I say that? I was speculating Sion, in the transfer speculation thread, about an experienced CB that we've been linked with before. VVD and Gomez likely missing the season, Matip injury prone, I suspect normal transfer policy goes out the window on this one.
  19. Based on the fact well be desperate for an experienced CB to walk straight into first 11. Obviously.
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