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  1. We were f***ing brilliant last night until Adrian's mistake. Was a brilliant performance, and it's cruel that we ended up going out. Our backup 'keeper isn't as good as our first choice. So it goes. If you'd offered me the league in August I'd have taken your hand off.
  2. Even basic things. All elevators had a cross made of tape on the floor, dividing them into 4 sections, only 1 person per section allowed, to minimise physical contact. They were going about constantly disinfecting door handles and surfaces, etc. And curfews, staying inside, avoiding contact totally - meanwhile f***ing Cheltenham is going ahead
  3. Only Shearer & Henry have managed three in a row (this may be one of those horrible "Premier League" stats)
  4. China took extraordinary steps to control the spread. Poles apart form the UK's head-in-the-sand approach.
  5. Cancel next season and just have a 14-month long transfer window. The sagas will be awesome.
  6. "Jarg calls for Liverpool's title win to be declared null and void"
  7. City/Arsenal just got cancelled
  8. Hopefully the stupid "across all of Europe" idea dies with it
  9. City and Arsenal are used to playing in front of empty seats in silence. Unfair advantage. Love it. He'll bite their legs.
  10. 87, isn't it? Leicester can't catch us now, and if City lose to Arsenal, they max out at 84 and we'd need one win. If we hadn't s*** the bed at Watford, we'd have had the possibility of winning the league during our Atletico game. Can you imagine that news coming over the tannoy just as Firmino rolled in his second?
  11. Really think Havertz fits in. And he's 6'2" - totally up for a big lad in midfield banging in goals and passing.
  12. Thing is, even if we win, it's probably the last "Big European Night at Anfield" this season, as the remaining games will almost undoubtedly be in empty stadiums
  13. It's us conceding early that's the worry. Cant have any fancying about. They'll come at us early.
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