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  1. Probably this year, notvthjs season, but he just couldn't kick a ball. But he's great, love the lad
  2. Which gane was it a while back where he had an absolute nightmare? That aside, he's always somewhere between good and brilliant.
  3. Nice for Jones that. Williams brothers getting CL experience too. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGnUpHalWAp/
  4. I have some recent highlights that you won't enjoy watching
  5. Three deflections, but we kept letting them take the shots
  6. Based on my own all-to-extensive experience of collar bone injuries, you can hurt it bad enough that you can:t even lift your arm, but not break it. You'd need an x-ray to know for sure. All assuming the collar bone rumour is true, of course.
  7. Hard not to leak if he's had to go for an x-ray
  8. Baffled as to why some folks would have an issue with Neco also, he's becoming a good player. Great energy about him, and hardly put a foot wrong last night, other than a foul throw, which seems to be the referee's new crusade for the season.
  9. Nah, never mind that, they're the Williams brothers, and they're both Welsh.
  10. Good PR to appear to be trying really hard, even if they are offering £25M less than asking price two months after the deadline
  11. He'll have had a fortnight of no training.
  12. I feel bad for the likes of Wilson and Grujic who are finally getting competive starts, however short lived, but in an empty ground. Arsenal team looks about as strong as what they sent out at the weekend.
  13. Who's on the bench then? If Shaq and Origi do go, there's a good case for another signing
  14. Both Rhys Williams and Koumetio seem to be head of VDB though, so no real loss other than Lovren, and we maybe have a bit more freedom to drop Fabiho back to cover there with other midfield options. Thing is, this season has more potential for absences than any other. What happens if next week six or seven lads that had contact with Thiago test positive? Do games get cancelled/postponed? Opponents probably don't want to play against you if you have a big outbreak in the camp. Even two or three players testing positive could be a disaster
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