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  1. johngibo YPC


    Really sorry to hear this. Can't imagine how tough it must be to lose someone in this way
  2. Think he'll get plenty of joy at Bournemouth
  3. Behave you . State of this thread
  4. It's the worst isn't it. "Remember when I was dead right about something else? Well listen to THIS" Not sure I agree anyway. Playing up front is dead hard. Sterling only made a bit of success out of it because he's so tactically switched on. Not seen this from Ibe, yet.
  5. Its not just the players, its their family too Rodgers' daughter gets s*** on Twitter AFC is for Liverpool fans and don't play in Liverpool
  6. Haha f***ing hell remember that. Gets beat at home to Northampton and slaughters the kids
  7. There is more to it than that. You might disagree, but there is. Think plenty would have happily walked away 13/14 had we won the league. Loads hanging on for one more 'hit' Do agree with Boca though that a lot of it is natural. Its just done in a bit more of a dramatic way now
  8. Big TV money is for 2016-2019 I think
  9. If you want us to lose at Old Trafford it's honestly time to pack in and do something else
  10. They are looking at him all the time and deciding he isn't good enough Not sure why he needs to be in the first team so we can all see it before we sell him
  11. We bought a young player and it didn't work out. It happens
  12. Anyone sane would be furious with FSG if they sacked the manager now Its either too late or too soon.
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