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  1. Commentators said at one point that Lukaku was "dominating" him. Didn't see any of that!
  2. Mignolet Alex-A - Klavan - Lovren - Moreno Can - Lucas - Grujic Origi - Sturridge - Ings Stewart Karius Matip Milner Ejaria Ojo Lallana
  3. Would like to see this... Karius Clyne - Lovren - Matip - Milner Lallana - Can - Coutinho Mane - Sturridge - Firminho
  4. Thanks, I'll give those a go.
  5. What's best for watching football on now. Operation Robocop was great but that stopped working, Bulldog streams not working last night either. Halow TV seems to work normally but keeps stopping on mine every 5 minutes, go out and in and it's fine again. Just wondered if there were any recommendations, especially ahead of the semi final tomorrow night.
  6. You never know, Norwich and Sunderland will be fighting for points.
  7. I thought he was moaning about Origi clattering him after he shot
  8. Thing to remember with him is that he's 20. I thought for 20 minutes he struggled and couldn't get hold of the ball, after that he grew into the game and towards the end of the first and and in the 2nd half he stretched them all over the place. Got all the attributes to be a monster of a player, think Klopp can develop him as well.
  9. What impressed me most is how comfortable every single outfield player was in possession, all trusted each other on the ball in tight spaces, all backed themselves as being better than their opposite number. I think Lallana, Coutinho, Firminho and Can thought they were far better than any Utd player, they just oozed confidence in themselves.
  10. Every time he goes in for the ball I'm confident he comes out with it. Such a huge presence on the pitch for us at the moment.
  11. I've seen the Votarol advert and the difference it makes to that granny, someone should recommend it to him.
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