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Fernando José Torres Sanz


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He's on course to be the 4th fastest player to hit 50 top flight league goals in the fewest games.

I believe its behind Cole, Shearer and Van Nistelrooy in that order.


Although it looks like he will be the fastest Liverpool player to hit 50 top flight league goals

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If he took penos he'd be on nearly a goal a game.


Absolutely, although Torres used to take the pens at Atletico and wasn't great at them.


He's a different player now though of course, much more clinical and composed in front of goal than he was back then so I'm sure he'd stick them away now. But Stevie Gerrard has become almost Molby-esque with his penalty taking these days so unless something changes dramatically Torres isn't going to be taking them.


What is interesting is when you look at the other players listed there they are all poachers / pure goalscorer types.


When you take Torres scoring record then look at the quality of goals he's scored from solo runs, shots from distance etc, consider that he doesn't take pens or set pieces, add the amount of work he does for the team outside the box and he plays as a lone striker, there's a strong case for him being the best striker ever to play in the Premier League if he carries on as he is.

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Saturday showed what a player he is.


First goal with the ball at his feet showing skill, a turn of pace and bravery to finish it off.


The second goal a towering header.


I don't think that there is another striker in the world who'd have scored both.



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I only wish right, that he could play his back to goal as well as Shearer did. Thats the only thing Torres is lacking in his game. He has improved this aspect since he arrived, but he still struggles to hold off defenders with his frame, trap the ball, and play others in. This is one element to our game that we have missed since Crouch left.

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