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  1. If I'm Gini, I'm pointing at all 3 of them, swinging that finger wildly so they are in no doubt each of them is being addressed, and I'm telling them that they're doing the f*kin' Christmas and New Year shifts this year given the overtime that has been put in already !
  2. I almost forgot what it was like to have a great midfielder sign but not be able to play him for ages - Thiago Alcquilani. The ironic thing is, had we not signed him, we'd now all be debating about how he'd be ripping up the league if he had signed and be the leader in the absence of Hendo/VVD. That's a more fun pointless discussion than wondering when the last of Richarlison's stud marks will eventually leave his knee.
  3. SkySports should sit him in Roy Keane's chair and let him put that view forward to Klopp after a game.
  4. The Gabrial Jesus one has opened my eyes. I know they have been talking about the "sleeve" but I wrongly assumed it was just for the outside of the arm - if it bounces/brushes off the side of the shoulder i.e. a part of the body that cant really control the ball. Where the ball hits Jesus on the bicep, it surprised me that they were looking to see if it hit below the sleeve. There's certainly more scope to affect the ball with the inside of the arm. The arm could be outstretched on the goal line and smash the bicep and then there be a decision to be made.
  5. Thanks, appreciate it. Had been trying to google it.
  6. Has Liverpool’s numbers shown any recent positive trend lately to suggest a Level 2 classification in the coming weeks ?
  7. Ooohh, he moved his hand Fletch, he's moved his hand, ha ha ha, what is he doing
  8. Fofana & Tielemans were the only players to call for it. Evans made nothing of it, he was in shock and knew he'd dropped a b******. But he should still scream for a foul. There's a fair few incidents that are 50/50 calls. Bruno Fernandes was in the refs face pleading that he touched the ball for the penalty. It took Mike Dean ages to give the Gabriel Jesus handball, if the Spurs players hadn't have all called the handball to immediately question it. I think it helps to immediately try call a decision so that if the ref is going to his monitor, he is doing so with the players all feeli
  9. I had that on this morning and the analysis wasn't overly detailed because the presenter was on his giddy soapbox making it about himself. I wanted Gallagher to explain because I felt, like you, that there were strong grounds for a penalty, I was worried. If the presenter wasn't so focused on being a t**, he could have asked him to explain why the hand coming out wasn't seen as being unnatural - a fraction of a second later, that hand is on Maddison's shoulder so it wasn't a brief movement, the hand was on the way somewhere.
  10. The camera flicked to Matip when the ref stopped the throw-in being taken so VAR could consider the handball, and there was a look of resignment
  11. I genuinely laughed out loud when the Blur song burst on with the camera on Johnny Evans bewildered face, it just seemed so out of context at that moment.
  12. I was expecting a massive change in Leicester at half time. There was one or two moments they got into positions on the left and I can understand why they decided to set up as they did. But it was clear that they couldn't continue that way and they had a moment at the start of the 2nd half when they played through midfield and slipped in Barnes. But I was expecting far more bravery on the ball - their counter attacking game didnt work and Tielemans, Barnes, Maddison is enough quality in there to start playing. I understand the Plan A but as you say, the Plan B either wasn't there or they
  13. 2 midfielders in defence and a midfield containing 2 players that are not 1st choice. Leicester had selection dilemma in attack squeezing Barnes, Maddison, Vardy and Praet into 3 space. They could justifiably taken the view to accept that both teams had defensive issues and gone toe-to-toe with us. Mendy, Tielemans, Barnes, Maddison with support from the wing backs was surely enough to try and pull Jones and Keita out of position and try play through us. Yet they decided to sit in. Remarkable at how well the mentality is that we start off and immediately dictate the game. Just like
  14. Yeah, it’s a chance too to play players like maybe Thiago Hendo Salah that didn’t play today.
  15. Was just looking at that Macca. Full strength against Atalanta and try get the win. Should free up opportunities for mid week breaks for key players and get minutes into the legs of Origi Minamino Shaqiri etc maybe even Ox if he is close.
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