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  1. Lincoln at home is a decent draw. Its a game with potential to play more kids in it. So if we get through, I want another weak team at home - because we'll have the same questions about rotation etc etc. I am, without doubt, on the side of caution. If our kids have anything about them then there are games that should be decent - but winnable - challenges for them and Lincoln would be in that bracket. If the kids develop and look to send them on loan, you imagine we'd like a decent level like Scottish PL, PL like Harry Wilson or Championship. So League 1 should be a level that a few of the
  2. Yeah, I enjoy listening to him. In fairness to him, he says he's very good on the ball and also in tight spaces so gives him credit for those skill - its more the off the ball work he is questioning. Whether I agree with the underlying sentiment, he does 2 things I like, firstly says that he's watched alot of continental football (and gave a strong opinion on Havertz being suitable as an '8' for us) and then, secondly, focused on his defensive side of the game and gave a critique of his tackling style based his opinion of those years watching continental football. The big part I dont
  3. I dont think Gethin is pining for any of them, not like Hassony for Skrtel anyway, but if we get in 2 wide forwards this summer and got in Minamino in January, you could say that we are well stocked with 6 forwards and players like Shaqiri and Origi could be moved on. Brewster is a different kind of call.
  4. Tried to see who we played in the Villa game but even those options are depleted. Against Villa we played --> Hoever VD-Berg Boyes Gallacher Boyes and Gallacher are on loan at the moment so that rules Boyes out as CB cover. Williams, Savage and Clayton have played in the last few U23 games, they are either 19 or 20 https://www.liverpoolfc.com/team/academy No idea how ready they are. Clayton made the squad vs Villa, the other 2 didnt but Clayton never got on. Make of that what you will.
  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing him more & more. He doesn't hold on to the ball for long and keeps the game moving. Once he gets rid of it, its like he then takes stock of the pitch so when he gets it back, he's moved the ball on to its next destination and keeps the opposition moving about as the play continues to shift. Well, I'm guessing thats what he's doing when he doesn't have it. He also has that drop of the shoulder too. I'll be surprised if he's not in the 6 player shortlist for PFA Player of the Year as I'm (beyond hoping) expecting him to leave a big impression this s
  6. Even when they managed to get out and get up the pitch, once the ball was passed side-or-backwards, it didnt come back forward, they just accepted that Liverpool got men back and started the process again by being safe and passing it back to their defenders and keeper. The goal kicks and passes to midfield/defenders, just kept coming back to the player that passed it. Very little ambition on the ball. Its like the purchase of Werner has set their game back from that viewing. They werent that negative last season.
  7. Did anyone else smile towards the end of the game when Mane got the ball 30 yards from goal and started the big wind up with his left leg, I've never seen him take that shot on before
  8. Chelsea just left our half of the pitch empty, both when they had the ball and when they didnt. When we had it, everyone retreated to let us out. When they had it, they kept it so deep so that our defenders were pulled to the halfway line. They basically put all their faith in Timo Werner's pace and did there best to leave our half empty so he could break into it. I went on to a Chelsea forum that I had been looking at before the game (trying to see if their fans though it would be 4231, 433 or 343) and some were giving credit to Leeds and RB Salzberg for coming to Anfield and
  9. I’d forgotten Lampard is family with him so gets a bit protective when there’s questions asked.
  10. I let out an exasperated spontaneous "What !!" when I saw the yellow, I was devastated ! A yellow card and a free kick 35 yards from goal is not what I wanted from that.
  11. If that interview had gone on longer, he would have tried to convince everyone that Chelsea could actually have won the game.
  12. The bit I heard was Carra questioning where Havertz fits in with the Chelsea team given he's a #10 and hasnt fitted in naturally so far given the system Chelsea have so far played. Carragher was clear not to question his general ability but focused on square-peg-round-hole issue, Redknapp went off on one about how he's quality player and that shouldn't be questioned - he needed a bang on the head ! He was asked again about where that quality will play in this team and reverted back to the quality point and not the position ! Christ - its a big issue for Lampard, where does he play them all and
  13. I knew I didnt like his droning on but never pained my head to think why he rubbish, thanks for nailing it so succinctly !
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