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  1. Hey Annie, great to hear from you. How are you and Ste keeping ? In my minds eye, I can remember some of the photos from that day and night but no idea where they are. Was Vic goalkeeper that day? Rest of the team was Ste myself Gordon McLean and I think a guy called Jodus or Jodie. I don’t remember the kick in the a*** bit 😂 But we did have a great day, I do remember that.
  2. A quick reminder below of United's last few line ups vs Liverpool, A video dissection of Harry Maguire's defending and the pressure it puts on the rest of the team Will Pogba play on Sunday, if he does, will it be LM of a 4-2-3-1 and tracking Trent With Atalanta on Wednesday - the selection (or not) of Ronaldo will be interesting. If he picks Ronaldo vs Atalanta, then can he play 3 games in a week or is he being dropped for the more dynamic Cavani. If he doesn't pick Ronaldo, then its indicative that he starts on Sunday and can he chase the Liverpool defenders as Matip has carried the ball well into midfield this season. 1. Solskjaer's last 4 teams vs Liverpool (top 2 = 2020/21, bottom 2 = 2019/20) He has not played Pogba in a midfield 2. The big question for me is whether Ronaldo plays upfront or Cavani. Cavani has the legs to run & press. Ronaldo does not. Matip took the ball a many occassions against City to run past Grealish and take the ball into midfield. Cavani with Rashford & Greenwood either side is lots of energy to press and run behind. If he picks McTominay & Fred then has only 4 players to pick from the following 7; Ronaldo, Cavani, Greenwood, Rashford, Pogba, Fernandes, Sancho 2. Damien Delaney gives a cutting view of Harry Maguire's impact "I feel sorry for Fred ...... he is put in some awful situations .... the gap behind him vs the gap in front of him is too big .... it all stems from Maguire dropping off because he doesn't have the mobility ...... if you held a bag of sand and cut the bottom then thats what its like when Harry Maguire drops off, it just sucks the whole team down " Contrast that with Klopp after City "Our last line was too passive and it called the midfield line back, so Hendo & Curtis couldn't step out" 3. United's left side against Leicester - Sancho not tracking Pereira If Pogba is given the role of LM in a 4-2-3-1 like at Anfield last season, then he is covering Trent. With the ball on the right for Leicester in all these occasions, you would expect to see Shaw tracking Salah and not leaving him to Maguire. It then asks the question of the LM player to keep an eye on Trent especially if VVD is hitting cross field swtiches. Thats a big question for LM for United - if Pogba is not in CM, is he asked to play the LM role and what that entails when defending.
  3. Oh my god, I am shocked. I played in a 5-a-side tournament with him around 2002 in Ireland and had a great night on the beer with him. A lovely guy, devastating news and it hurts to think of what he was going through to make that decision.
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