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  1. At this moment in time I think we’re all dealing with the personal isolation and coping with what’s going on. I’m not catching up or even thinking about football. But at the back of my mind, this will begin to swing and we reach a situation that we unwind the measures. When governments start to loosen restrictions I want this on the back burner to really boost moral and win it by completing the season (however that happens).
  2. That the one where food is passed down through levels ? Thanks. Gonna test that in an hour or two when back on the laptop, cheers !
  3. Thanks Stevie ! I have downloaded a trial of CyberGhost - what exactly does it do ? My understanding is that it masks my IP address. I have Utorrent as the program to download but what website do I go to for downloading movies ? Cheers !
  4. Ireland forecasting (extremely early days and limited data) that peak impact on the health system is towards the end of April under current measures - not sure impact when measures start to unwind. There’s no serious talks of schools going back anytime soon. UK should be able to model similar from 2wks after the lock down
  5. I've had it on in the background without being able to really listen to it but I did catch that part by Holt. They talk with a great deal of - maybe certainty is the wrong word - but conviction. I am not sure they have they have access to all the information to take the strong positions that they do. The bits I did catch was a hard listen - lots of talk about money and social conscience with making contributions to NHS etc.
  6. I havent been on here in the last 1-2 days but massively agree with Swipe. We are all having a massive disruption to normal life that football will be a huge release for people and their mental health. The first game back will be a party.
  7. I'm not 100% clear on this - there doesnt seem to be any details in the article. Whats your understanding of it ? Surely one season must end before another begins, purely so we know who is relegated and promoted. I can see how you can play 2 seasons simultaneously.
  8. I think things are changing so fast that can be little or no confidence in any firm decision taken today/tomorrow/day after etc. The UK Govt still haven't got a handle on this (nor any other) so there is no consensus when this might subside and normal life resume.
  9. Yeah - she uses language like fair & reasonable to sound controlled & balanced and devoid of self interest by roping in Liverpool and making our club the focus. Fair & reasonable - lovely language. From the FT Over recent days, English football executives have formulated plans designed to avoid heavy losses of income if games are played in empty stadiums, while also seeking to prevent a battle over which teams are relegated and which qualify for lucrative European tournaments should the season be cancelled altogether. Club executives, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said most Premier League teams had insurance policies against ticketing income, which they expected to kick in if matches were forced to be played in empty stadiums. The Premier League’s crisis plan is focused on completing the remaining fixtures left in the season. If the matches are played, the league’s biggest revenue source, the £9.2bn it makes from multiyear domestic and international broadcasting contracts, would be protected. Some senior officials are beginning to discuss what should happen if the season cannot be completed......this would set up a battle between teams over the terms of the season’s cancellation, with 14 of the 20 member clubs needing to vote in favour to make changes to the league’s rule book The top four clubs qualify for the next season’s Champions League, Europe’s top club competition where €2bn is shared between competing clubs. The bottom three teams are relegated, losing tens of millions of pounds. They are replaced by three sides from the Championship — the tier below the Premier League — which earn at least £170m from promotion. “We don’t have a rule book about having to finish, that would have to be discussed,” said one senior English football executive. “[Cancelling the season] will suit some and definitely not suit others. There will be some teams desperate not to be relegated.”
  10. Sorry Liverpool ? Its more a case of sorry Leeds & West Brom, we don't want the risk of being in the Championship next season so you can stay there and we'll try our best to wangle a way to stay in the Premier League. “Sorry Liverpool but the Premier League has to be declared null and void if players can’t play again. The thought that everyone will be in and out of isolation and fit to play on April 4 seems so unlikely. So what if the league cannot be finished? The only fair and reasonable thing to do is declare the whole season null and void. A huge blow to Liverpool who might be robbed of their first title in 30 years. This will be discussed between the PL and the clubs next week at an emergency meeting.”
  11. Don’t know mate, I just work in an office
  12. Suspend the league for 6 weeks. Start it back mid-May. 10 games left. Play out the league over 3 weeks - Wednesday May 13th, Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday 6th June Players have six weeks off and then play a schedule that is akin to the December/Christmas period. No different to playing League, League Cup, League, Europe 1st leg, League, Europe 2nd leg, League (7 games there of weekend/midweek games)
  13. 100% - Summer games watching us win and celebrate the League is much better than Summer international football.
  14. Those in the relegation zone and Spurs in a transition season and Utd and City.
  15. UEFA still sent Wolves to Greece after their owner tested positive. Arteta could have caught it anywhere but there’s a very direct line and possibility to the Olympiacos owner.
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