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  1. Just a hint of prejudice there - having home advantage to win the league but told to move to a neutral ground. I've been cut off from the news for a lot of the day so only settling in now to read the details of the wider return of the league and its soul warming.
  2. Confirmation (2016) HBO production of a true story from early 90s in USA I uploaded it here https://we.tl/t-9axNipUU4C One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time
  3. I think Keane was being squeezed by his form and that of others. Mascherano was at the Olympics initially and Gerrard started in midfield. Benitez persisted with Gerrard in midfield for a while. So Mascherano missed out with Keane upfront with Torres. Torres picked up his standard October injury so Keane kept his place. After a while, Alonso, Mascherano and Gerrard were all playing well. Kuyt was on the right with Pennant optional and Riera on the left with Benayoun. With Torres back, Gerrard squeezed Keane out. As Maldini says, Keane didn’t have front line flexibility to compete out wide with Riera/Kuyt. I think that’s the footballing side but mainly it’s was his rigidity, finger waving and lack of form. Instead of holding him, we tried to recoup. Probably as well given financials at the start of 2009 we’re probably alarming behind the scenes.
  4. Yeah - big goal in 3-2 game but Jesus, one all the same. I tried to remember his goals and nothing was coming back to me. So I looked it up and no wonder I couldn’t remember “them”
  5. Question: How many league goals did Balotelli score with us. Before looking up the answer, try to remember them
  6. When you say speaking, was it a podcast somewhere we can listen or was it to a print journo.
  7. I must admit. I’m miles behind on this. Below excerpt from Times referencing police about neutral grounds. The government has given the green light to the plan for matches to resume on June 12 in empty grounds but there has been strong opposition to them being played in neutral grounds despite Britain’s senior football police officer, Mark Roberts, insisting that it is necessary.
  8. Firstly, I hope the guy is ok ! This is on the BBC; The unnamed player, who will now self isolate for 14 days, was tested on Saturday - two other players tested positive earlier in the pandemic. Brighton players have been training individually at the training ground and the club say this will be allowed to continue. You could look at this a few ways; If the lad has been in contact with various surfaces at the facility, do you ask everyone to stay away until it gets sterilised ? If the club is happy for it to continue, are they that confident for player safety that its ok to use the same facility and then gives confidence to restart the season. Are the other people (players and staff) ok with this ? If the place was sterilised, I assume it was infected for 1 hour, 1 day+ when he was undiagnosed and has everyone else been tested Very hard to make any reasoned conclusions from a few lines in an article and without knowing their set up at Brighton.
  9. The tone of the debate has changed on the Sunday Supplement, definitely more challenging towards the clubs that dont want a return. The narrative has changed and the phrase "acceptable risk" was used about 3 or 4 times. Of course, its a debate amongst the self-interest in terms of a Pay-TV company providing a platform to football print journalists, but it wasnt this pro-return in previous episodes.
  10. Sport can be held back for people that use it as recreation outside their job. People in activities that generate income for their livelihood are in planning mode to return as best as possible. What happens when sport is the job paying activity ? The Premier League (not football) has been pulled out and isolated from the wider social context. From the very start of this, everyone in various capacities has been wondering when they can get back to the closest thing resembling normality. Thats you and me kept in our houses away from family, SME businesses that make up 50% of the economy and schools. Whatever anyone's profession is, their kids all congregate in close contact for hours per day and then disburse back to families. Thats the real challenge - when kids around to the country funnel back into classrooms. Football as a sport can be held back for personal safety because its a nice-to-have. But activities like school development and economic activity (jobs, money, livelihoods) are all in planning mode to get back to something close to normality as possible. Its necessary for planning at the very highest in each of those areas to be getting prepared. The Premier League is no different. Its not a game, its a business. One single game of football generates hundreds of jobs. Granted, alot of those jobs are related to crowd management. But there are others that are not and some of those people were the subject of furlough a few weeks ago. If the competition gets back, the money starts to flow again (no different to the local high street attracting people to spend money). The people in roles in clubs and the Premier League with responsibility for ensuring some form of continuity all need to be planning for a return. That should not be an issue. But somehow its Project Return has been pulled out and given very special attention more than the 10m people in education for example that sit in classrooms. Fine, we all know that. Every employer returning to work will be putting in safety measures for all employees and the Premier League (as a business) will attempt to do the same. It will then be a call for the players if they want to come back. I can understand some not coming back. But to dramatise the Premier League looking for a return when there is no vaccine ? Well then what about every other aspect of life that begins the step back to normality when there is no vaccine - there is no doubt a trade off and there is no doubt more people will get sick. But the Premier League has found itself somewhat isolated in this bigger discussion and its being shot at from all angles, even from within itself. Football does not have a magic wand to make its return different to any other profession.
  11. I watched half the film. Camara work is fantastic, the action scenes are great. Story wasn’t holding for me and I was tired so turned it off, did it have a good ending?
  12. I think its a human nature thing. People feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. If mentally you are more comfortable then your natural game might come easier. I say familiar surroundings cause I'm more comfortable in my house, than my in-laws, in my office rather than visiting a client's office, in my gym rather than a new gym, in the local as opposed to the pub across the road that I rarely go in etc etc etc. So I am only guessing and assume it somehow also translates for football.
  13. Cheers gents, if any of you want one of them uploaded just let me know. Will only take a few mins.
  14. Been looking through my hard drive at movies that I haven't seen. Anyone recommend one of these Sci-Fi's; - Annihalation (2018) - 28 Weeks Later (2007) - Blindness (2008) - Looper (2012) - Monsters (2010) - The Signal (2014)
  15. Like in 2005 when we had the 3 best keepers with Chris Kirkland, Scott Carson and Dudek
  16. I used to watch Brookside in the early-mid 1990's before the time of the internet. I remember one scene where one of Mick Johnno's kids (Mick Johnson) had the home kit with the 3 white strips at the bottom of the jersey (the one Fowler scored the quick hat trick against Arsenal in) and it had Bjornebye's name on it. I found it quite unusual and that a Liverpool soap might have gone for a Liverpool local lad. I took it as a sign of widespread acceptance in Liverpool that he was viewed as decent. Without really having anything else to guage people's/fans reaction. I watched the Forest v Liverpool game from Aug92 last night on Sky. I say watched, it was on in the background. Watching Rush when were out of possession was incredible, he was 31 at the time but he was flying about closing down defenders. He also got lippy with the ref and took a booking. Stuart Pearce in that game got body checked by Steve Nicol to block a run - very cynical from Nicol - Pearce was stopped in his tracks and just walloped Nicol with a boot to a***. The ref saw it and didnt even book him. Its a straight red today. Roy Keane raked his studs down Whelan's knee with a late one, no yellow card. Paul Stewart, Michael Thomas and Ronnie Whelan in midfield with Walters wide.
  17. RIP Jonshar, remember him well, terrible news, so fast.
  18. I downloaded if from YouTube before it got pulled https://we.tl/t-itZps83UYt
  19. Nice one Smithdown ! I have seen it but mates are looking for an easily accessible link 👍
  20. His journey from his home village to Dakar and then to France - what a story.
  21. 😂 This thread is higher priority than CoVid19 news for me!
  22. Anyone watched this ? Have it downloaded and might put it on tonight.
  23. At this moment in time I think we’re all dealing with the personal isolation and coping with what’s going on. I’m not catching up or even thinking about football. But at the back of my mind, this will begin to swing and we reach a situation that we unwind the measures. When governments start to loosen restrictions I want this on the back burner to really boost moral and win it by completing the season (however that happens).
  24. That the one where food is passed down through levels ? Thanks. Gonna test that in an hour or two when back on the laptop, cheers !
  25. Thanks Stevie ! I have downloaded a trial of CyberGhost - what exactly does it do ? My understanding is that it masks my IP address. I have Utorrent as the program to download but what website do I go to for downloading movies ? Cheers !
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