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  1. Kostas as well maybe. Don't really fancy Milner as left back if Robertson gets injured.
  2. It's partly to do with the initial outlay. Which I believe is zero as we're using the Hoever money. It could also be that Jota is happy to rotate and be on the bench mostly while Werner wanted guaranteed starts. I imagine Jotas wages will also be less.
  3. We'll need to sell some non-homegrown players.
  4. They wouldn't come here to be on our bench.
  5. We miss the crowd. Think the crowd spurs the players on.
  6. 2 or 3 years ago there were plenty of people saying Trent wasn't good enough defensively. He got better through being played and getting experience. I see lots of comparison with Williams.
  7. Maybe Klopp's happy enough to give the youth a chance and feels they can contribute this season? Brewster for the forward positions, Jones in midfield, Williams at right back and by all accounts he likes Koumetio so he could be 4th choice centre back.
  8. We won't win the league this season. http://backpagefootball.com/why-liverpool-wont-win-the-premier-league-this-season/126313/
  9. Grujic as centre back cover maybe?
  10. He'll probably sign a contract with Melbourne fc at £500k a week then get loaned to City who will pay £10k a week.
  11. But we need back up here. I'd rather we sold origi and kept brewster.
  12. Surely Brewster should be ahead of Origi now. Surely Brewster should be ahead of Origi now.
  13. I think Hightown Phil said we'd sold the contract to a third party.
  14. So Barcelona need to pay an extra £5million for Coutinho. Just not to us apparently.
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