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  1. Serko

    Joe Gomez

    Phillips isn't registered for Europe is he?
  2. I thought there was more of a chance of Democrats winning there than in the Dakotas. Doesnt seem to be the case really.
  3. If there's a North and south Dakota. Maybe there needs to be a North and South California. That way there's a slight chance the Democrats could actually control the senate.
  4. Still plenty of time for shenanigans. https://apnews.com/article/Biden-wins-electoral-college-Trump-511b69134b9120a2f114e6781a54da84
  5. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1325432472985808897?s=19
  6. No wonder it took so long to count in Pennslyvania. There were over 100 million mail in ballots in Philadelphia alone.
  7. Georgia is already going to a recount and Arizona is narrowing. If and it's a big if he can overturn Pennslyvania he'll feel there's all to play for. I don't really trust the US legal system after 2000.
  8. What are the chances Trump wins in court. Aren't all the judges pretty much selected by him?
  9. Trump making an announcement at 4.30 in Philadelphia.
  10. When does that pay out? When he crosses 270 electoral votes or when he's actually confirmed as the new president?
  11. Big job in North Carolina. Are the remaining votes there likely to be favouring Biden?
  12. What's most ridiculous is that california have 2 senate seats and Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Rhode Island, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, hawaii, idaho, west Virginia, nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, mississipi, arkansas, Nevada, iowa, utah have 42 between them and a lower total population.
  13. I don't think Biden will get Georgia. He might take the lead, but 8,000 overseas votes (mainly military) arrived yesterday and more are due today. I don't think Biden wins the military vote. Really need Arizona or Nevada to go to Biden. As I think he'll get Pennslyvania
  14. How many votes left to count in Georgia?
  15. Hopefully he'll be in jail.
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