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  1. Sickened by all this now, it's just amazing. Watched a documentary on Netflix last night about Oskar Groning (Accountant of Auschwitz) and I can't help but equate this Trump behaviour as a modern age attempt, as with the holocaust, to brainwash masses of people (his base & the GOP) into agreeing with and enabling him to simply do what he wants, when he wants against anyone he or they deem as 'not one of us'. This has (potentially) a long way to run yet and could get a whole lot worse, unless this Epstein stuff takes him asunder.
  2. You mean apart from his rampant drug abuse?
  3. Running 4 early morning mid-week 5 mile tempos. Mixing up the pace within and going close to max for full 5 in one session. Doing 10 miles minimum every saturday so starting to see a good base. Doing a 10k with a mate on Sunday who thinks running 50 will be a piece of piss. He runs occasionally, so it should be fun. If he goes under 50 with no training I'll never put my running s*** back on.
  4. After a long time putting junk miles in the legs I'm back down to 21.30 minutes for 5k. It does sound obvious but the ony way to improve times is to improve general fitness, speed comes after it. Will have a go at sub 20 over the next few months. How did you go Macca?
  5. I remember having this chat with my 2 back in the day. Looking back I tried to treat them like small adults, told them everything they needed to know and answered questions when asked. Small rule I have passed on to others, never speak ill of their Mother, or allow anyone to do so in the company of the kids, even if things get a bit rough when the legal people get involved.. It won't help and they will thank you for it, mine have recently. It's all very normal now.
  6. Not sure if they've been mentioned yet, but have a look out for the Fontaines DC. Dublin band, singing with a heavy Dublin accent. Very catchy. The Clash meets Vampire Weekend.
  7. Have started on Coogan's 'I Partridge' audiobook when out running recently. Good stuff indeed. He's fleshed his character out to the extent you might expect.
  8. sean

    Radio Garden

    Find myself listening to stations where recent tragedies or big events have occured. Mozambique radio being one. Staggering on the ground witness reports of recent cyclone.
  9. sean

    Radio Garden

    Give this a go ladies & gents, it's basically a globe of radio. Fascinating listen, just this morning been listening to weather reports in Alaska. https://radio.garden/ Or there's a handy app for smartphones.
  10. Have always had a pair of Kinvara over the years too. Currently using the adidas boost things. Liek them lots.
  11. Been dogged with IT Band hassle for about 6/7 years. Did a 10 miler Saturday 2 weeks back and it stung after about 8 miles. Went to an osteopath as a last resort last Thursday and he cracked by back and neck a few times, said he fixed my posture. Did same run on Saturday gone and got no pain at all. Might be quackery but I'll be going back to him. Doing a 3k TT tonight with the running group.
  12. sean

    Liverpool food

    Booked Salt House Tapas for day of Roma game, based on nothing really. Anyone been?
  13. To me it's like putting ice in red wine. I'm not a huge whiskey fan but I can appreciate it. I'm liking a drop of brandy of late. Perfect after a bit of grub.
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