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  1. On the trainers front I just picked up some ASICS Gel Kayano. Bit of an over pronator and my feet move around quite a bit so I use something a bit more supportive. Not sure how I’d get on with more neutral shoes for races etc like alpha / vapors? World of difference between these, be careful switching it up until you're sure it's ok.
  2. I went through a pair of them far quicker than I thought was acceptable. Good shoe to look at.
  3. Nike had a special on before Xmas and I got 2 pairs, so they worked out at pretty much what running shoes would normally cost.
  4. I found the vapors easier to wear initially than the Alphas, but certainly once you get used to the alphas they're giving me a big boost in running style/speed. Will check the endorphins out.
  5. Anyone else into the Nike shoes (r)evolution? Have to say I've been a cynic but got a pair of vaporflys and alphaflys (with carbon plates) and I find it makes me run far more efficiently by ensuring I run forward on my toes, as opposed to heel striking. Did 10 miles on Sunday in alphas and ran 10 min/mile pace without really trying. Not sure if I'll be able to use them for marathon long run training as I usually need insoles for a long standing IT band issue from flat arches. Wondering what the consensus is here as not many fans of them in the running group I'm in.
  6. I didn't realise he was in Navan, not far from me at all. Gutted all week, since I heard.
  7. I've heard that one before, definitely something in it. Did a 1.41 half 2 weeks before the race, a week after my last long run so was feeling good. Got next to zero sleep the night before the race and definitely learned lots re fuel plan and prep from a few days out.
  8. There was a s***ty long drag at mile 17/18ish (near the peace wall I think) and I was running with a guy who knew the course and he warned me to park what happens in the next couple of miles as he said 'it's going to hurt'. It did, my calves went for a sleep. What I found as bad were the 2 stupid downhills in the park. They had a guy at the top warning you about them they were just so 'un-marathon' like, on small tar paths in a pork that went vertical for about 100m. No help at all on the shins and thighs.
  9. Absolutely, give yourself all the little wins you can. Not stopping is a great start point. I was ok with it, my last training run was 22 miles at the pace I ultimately ran the race in, hence the annoyance. I was good for 3.30 until about mile 20 when my calves seized on a 2 mile hill! Near everyone walking at that stage!
  10. Hard to give advice off the back of what you've endured, but just keep getting out, that's all you can do.
  11. 6 years old this thread and I'm still dragging my a*** round the roads. Got Belfast marathon done in 3.44 this month. Awful course, hills and more hills. Was hoping for 3.30.
  12. Utterly stunned to hear this news, met him several times on nights out in Dublin. An immensely intelligent lad, never shy of a thoughtful opinion. RIP, Vic.
  13. Sickened by all this now, it's just amazing. Watched a documentary on Netflix last night about Oskar Groning (Accountant of Auschwitz) and I can't help but equate this Trump behaviour as a modern age attempt, as with the holocaust, to brainwash masses of people (his base & the GOP) into agreeing with and enabling him to simply do what he wants, when he wants against anyone he or they deem as 'not one of us'. This has (potentially) a long way to run yet and could get a whole lot worse, unless this Epstein stuff takes him asunder.
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