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  1. Some wag might say he’s the Chris Kirkland of goalkeepers.
  2. City had a few at the start of the season but not much news coming from any other teams. Must be more than we are aware of though.
  3. Hopefully TAA back this week as we are screwed otherwise.
  4. Has he been training? Don’t think so. Still think it’s a while yet.
  5. That is just incredible. VAR is somehow even worse than last season. Horrid 90 minutes, another injury and two points dropped. s*** day.
  6. That would improve us no end. Just then need to hope that Milner has the legs to another full 90.
  7. Needs to create more chances. 2nd is nowhere.
  8. Outstanding so far. Long may it continue.
  9. Absolutely. That Atalanta game is big. Win that and can rotate heavily in the last two games. Hopefully Hendo fit to start and Thiago can get some minutes.
  10. Excellent performance. Given the circumstances it’s one of best displays this year.
  11. Keita hasn’t played 90 mins ever has he? Not played since Villa either. Big ask in midfield.
  12. Shaq has a ‘fitness issue’. Usually code for Covid but hasn’t he had it. Hopefully not out for too long (again).
  13. Hendo not expected to make it according to Paul Joyce.... Naby comes in.
  14. Coote is now not doing the VAR for the game. Marriner instead.
  15. So the good news on Robertson is that he could still get injured on international duty and that Henderson may still be risked.
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