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  1. Could be a very open game. Shaq playing in a midfield three or Minamino as a number 10?
  2. Have to agree. Bar the first 10 we have been poor and look like we don’t know the system but that pen decision is hard to take.
  3. Insane isn’t it. Isn’t VAR there to check if it’s a foul to incur a pen? Incredible.
  4. We’re second to everything and getting bullied at the back. Joke of a pen decision doesn’t help. Feels like we need to go back to the tried and trusted second half. Despite his goal I’d be getting Milner on for Bobby.
  5. Great to see Big Al back! 4-2-3-1? No Thiago or Matip. No Div on the bench either? And Keita missing again.
  6. Looks a player. Plenty of room for improvement too. It’s good to have a genuine option for the wide role in the front three.
  7. Yeah. Robbo looked like he was struggling a bit too and Mané had ice on his knee...
  8. Looks like he will miss the game on the weekend too. Hopefully not more than that.
  9. There will have to be creative situations at points. There is a (very) good chance we will be without Gomez and Matip for some games, given their injury record. We could have to play inexperienced players there so some tweaking will be needed.
  10. I’m not getting any less angry about this c***. Him and f***ing Pickford.
  11. There’s probably just one long word for it.
  12. It’s a bit weird and wrong. He’s said it before for someone else too. I can’t remember who though.
  13. Back to five subs for Champions League so an opportunity to use (what’s remaining of) the squad during the match. That’s helpful for giving the front three a bit of rotation. Can’t see Hendo being asked to play the full 90. Hopefully Keita available off the bench.
  14. Hopefully he is nowhere near any of our games ever again. Absolute f***ing c***.
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