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  1. Andy-oh-six


    No title and all our records from last season expunged. Sounds like a fantasy for many opposition fans regardless of the damage to their team.
  2. Andy-oh-six


    Gives time to co-ordinate wih UEFA to get domestic fixtures finished.
  3. Andy-oh-six


    You’re right. It’s just his technical inadequacy that I’m really concerned about.
  4. Fabinho? 25? It’s crying out for a top class 22/23 year old to come in. Keita is not making it and Minamino is not going to play in there.
  5. Andy-oh-six


    Always hateful going there. Adrian’s confidence will be shot now too.
  6. Yep. Can’t see who can stop them. By far and away the best side left now.
  7. What’s happened to the keeper we saw earlier in the season? He can’t save a thing and kick it. Pathetic.
  8. Adrian was always a big worry. Standing off for that second was pathetic too.
  9. Not happening tonight. No pre match nerves or anything. We’re screwed.
  10. Appeared worse today than earlier in the season. Didn’t look like he could catch anything. Will probably need 4 midweek!
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