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  1. Inspired by the kit from 93-96... Halcyon days.
  2. Andy-oh-six


    196 Points across two seasons. Phenomenal. What a team.
  3. It’s difficult as fans to see the behind the scenes effect that players have on others and the importance of morale amongst those not playing. Lallana appears to be hugely respected and a bit of a leader and Lovren is apparently a big character. Clearly the main guys have an abundance of character and no doubt others emerge.
  4. Same as my car... the plot thickens.
  5. Thought Souness was going to ask Virg to marry him.
  6. Feel for Lallana. Should have had a couple of mins.
  7. They’ll be on the beach now. Safety all but confirmed.
  8. We will just have to get on with it next season and hope the main guys keep producing and stay free of injury.
  9. We’ve made David Luiz look competent which says it all.
  10. Shaq? Desperate measures and all that.
  11. Not going to happen here. Very strange game so far.
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