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  1. If you went home and found Darwin in bed with your Mrs, you'd make him a brew and tuck him in,
  2. Sutton isn’t a vulture. He’s a humming bird at best.
  3. Sour grapes that we smashed the geordies?
  4. We'll be extremely polite with them, it's highly likely we'll be doing business with them at some point down the line.
  5. Klopp was asked if there had been a bid, he said not as far as I know, but I might not know anyway. Words to that effect. Nothing to do with if he was for sale.
  6. Jesus, some of you lot could suck the air out of a vacuum. Any wedding is a funeral on YNWA.
  7. We're not paying that for Cheick mate.
  8. I wonder if we are leaving it late to try and force loan deals, as we dont see the right fit at the right price for buying.
  9. What a f***ing player we have with this lad. He was very Gerrard like today. He’s got the lot. Not been that impressed by a new signing in years.
  10. To be fair there's not much that doesn't underwhelm you.
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