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  1. 5InIstanbul


    Cheers guys. Half 5 on the 11th I could probably swing, early ko I’m stuffed. Friday or Sunday I’m laughing. Happy for my dear friends, but s*** timing to say the least.
  2. 5InIstanbul


    Is there any chance the villa home game on 11 April will be rescheduled for tv? I have to be best man at a wedding and I’m s***ting myself that it could be the big day at Anfield and after waiting 30 years I won’t be there to see it .
  3. Colin Murray at home, Sat down with Jurgen for about an hour a few eeks agom around christmas. Its great.
  4. One of the most enjoyable afternoons at Anfield i can remeber. Definitely my favourite derby win. Brilliant party atmosphere from start to finish. What an ace day.
  5. 2nd best keeper in the league,
  6. MinaMino do do do do do, MinaMino do do do do MinaMino do do do do do do do do…
  7. It's yours (his) Hass. Drop me a message with your number.
  8. Anyone need a ticket, just face value? Me and my bro have ST in the lower Main, kop end. Short notice he cant go and all usual subs are shopping with the Mrs/kids/Dog. . Offer open to stand up regulars on here, not a wider audience please. Can just meet at the ground.
  9. 5InIstanbul


    When are the next batch of changes to kick off times for tv announced ? Trying desperately to avoid missing the city game and a change of kick off day/time would be helpful. Hoping it’ll shift to Sunday.
  10. I'll take my gloves with me. Every chance of getting the nod here.
  11. Any danger from the weather? Lots of events being cancelled and the forecast is for thunderstorms.
  12. Lock the bathroom cabinet, quickly.
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