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  1. He was always weak. Had a couple of decent months with us but he wasn’t great at Sunderland either.
  2. Mad shout that was. I definitely remember that. His form and confidence has dipped, but he was still better than most of the keepers we've had since
  3. I agree. But he did what he needed to do. Hopefully he only plays one more game before Allison is back
  4. By who? My memory isnt great, but I'm sure I would have remembered that posted
  5. Always creates moments of panic, but made a good save first half
  6. Raj


    Ridiculous to shut them in the first place. Another U turn. I'm sure it will increase pressure on the government to produce evidence that the 10pm hospitality closure has scientific data to back it up
  7. I dont believe we cant extend ourselves to buy a player that we need to enable us to compete, win things and therefore earn more money from a business point of view. It would have been a calculated risk in the summer and now its a necessity
  8. Just buy him and keep Keita. We need all the players we've got
  9. Think this was spot on. I think Holgate was mistaken rather and it be ing malicious.
  10. Raj

    Welcome VvD

    He stamped his foot. Don’t think he played on though.
  11. Raj

    Welcome VvD

    No. You’re wrong Doesn’t mean anything. Ings did his knee in training and walked off to the changing room.
  12. That’s not aimed at you by the way. More about the futility of what we would prefer. Similar thing with the criticism of BP plan of moving football forward. It’s shot down with no later alternative, but then the alternative plan is created by loads of establishment has beens from the FA who haven’t created an alternative plan I’m happy to set something up though
  13. Who’s independent though? Agree that PGMOL, should be f***ed off ASAP as arbiters of judgement
  14. Raj

    Welcome VvD

    Cometh the hour. Cometh matip
  15. Bit harsh. He’s sounding off. Its outlet for some don’t agree with him in anyway though
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