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  1. Watched that Documentary the rape of 2 coreys last night. Nothing really shocking in there apart from the overall content, because I’m sure I was aware of all of it before.
  2. I don’t think you are, although you do seem more worries about it than me! back to the original point, but I don’t think it helps City to reset the league, they’re still faced with a Euro ban. I don’t think they’re minded to void the season.
  3. I know what you’re saying. I don’t think the info coming through has changed much though. The situation Definitely hasn’t changed in the last week. This is pure speculation hiding behind anonymous sources. If nothing has happened by mid-May I’ll get worried.
  4. Raj

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    I don’t think it’s a show to binge though. It’s one to digest and think about
  5. That’s obvious enough from your posts. And I don’t mean that in s***ty way. I think they understand that first option is to finish the season and the decks have been cleared to do so until end of July. So what’s happened in the last week or so, which has changed the previous unanimous decision? Nothing apart from the off-the-record briefings in a news vacuum. It’s posturing and there’s zero reason to make any decisions for another month. Even then they should be thinking about contingency planning with last resort being voiding the season.
  6. Raj


    Yeah heard that a couple of weeks ago. A friend had to travel to Blackburn to buy one. No choice but extended lockdown due to underlying health issues
  7. Raj

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Some decent shows on at the moment. Better Call Saul - best thing on tv at the moment. Seems like it’s all moving nicely towards that last season devs - looks promising. Hadn’t realised it was an Alex Gartland production ozark - as dark as before. Halfway through and a bit slower than last season which was probably needed clone wars - last season of this. Started pretty well.
  8. Why? It’s only relevant if 14 teams want something we don’t. I’m confident that’s not the case.
  9. Spotlight was very good as well
  10. Raj

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Ozark is back on today
  11. Raj


    There’s no need to make any decisions until end of April.
  12. Raj


    Its a financial issue. Which is why our league will be completed.
  13. Raj

    TV shows (but not GoT)

    Last one of this series. Nothing else confirmed. hbo said that if he wants to make more they’ll fund it, whenever that may be
  14. Thought second season was due out in October
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