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  1. Raj


    No chance I’m going anywhere near a swimming pool. I’ll go to a small gym with limited numbers (5 in at one time) so that I can do as it’ll be set up correctly. Can’t be arsed with the pub at the moment either. Which is not like me at all but feels too soon
  2. Raj


    No idea. Specifically it mentioned human waste.
  3. Raj


    Yep in sewage samples from Italy and Spain dating back to March 2019 I believe There's a theory that it can also be transmitted through feacal matter as well and that shared toilets are hotspots
  4. Raj


    Terrible package. Only decent thing in it is the VAT cut and thats time limited The rest isnt even good enough to be called window dressing
  5. Raj

    Rhian Brewster

    I think so. I did read on RAWK that he was back training again, but obviously all Academy footie is on hold
  6. Raj

    Rhian Brewster

    You may be thinking of glatzel
  7. Absolutely he did. But ref couldn’t see it from his angle. But klopp was right, shouldn’t be able to receive a ball from a throw in and be one on one for that long
  8. Raj


    Not to diminish what you are saying as I agree, but we also have to factor in the mental health of parents and children into this as well. The whole situation is a clusterf***. With no winners
  9. Raj


    Its been postponed to September anyway. Take your auto renew off and make a decision later
  10. Thiago and Alaba only have a year left on their contracts which is why they being mentioned so cheaply
  11. Its all pretty mad. I've seen them linked with Koulibaly, Thiago, Alaba, Orzyabal (or whatever his name is) That lot would cost £150 million. Forgot Holgate has been linked as well - but I hope they sign him as hes s***. Only buying him for HG purposes
  12. They are only rolling over this years into next years FFP. In theory its to mitigate the Covid losses, so no sure how anyone can go on a spending spree, make losses and still pass FFP
  13. Im not disagreeing, but thats the theoretical. It will soon come out though. Hopefully the decision will be upheld and then things will get really interesting
  14. Lot of theoreticals, but cant be that many places where he can go due to wage and fee. Very good player though
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