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Does the result really change anything?


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Whilst its great to have bragging rights, I can't see the result changing anything. the mancs have an easier run in as it is, and a better goal difference. yes, you can say they will drop points at some stage, but do people really think we are going to win all 9 remaining games too? If anything, chelsea are better placed to win the title


I don't want us to give up, the experience of chasing and just missing out would be just as important for the squad as we prepare for the league next season. On the other hand, I don't see how we can realistically close the gap, they are still 7 points clear, plus the goal difference.


I will hope that chelsea keep up the pressure too. Ideal situation would be for us to win, and chelsea 2nd, but just in case one of us slips the other can continue to close the gap.


How many genuinely believe the hype and think the title is 'open' again?

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