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  1. Hendo must have a foot like a traction engine!
  2. Now that’s the Naby Keita we saw in Germany.
  3. Made up to see Neco filling a vital squad role. If he can cover both fullbacks then it’s going to be a busy season for him.
  4. Falconhoof


    Reports from Brazil are noting that Trump has dropped 2m doses of hydroxycloroquine on Brazil, followed by this Bolsonaro ‘infection’ and subsequent announcement that he’s taken HCQ and is cured.
  5. Falconhoof


    Be great if he dies but he’s a puppet for the generals now by all accounts.
  6. That’s an interesting stat machine. Alcantara vs Wijnaldum is another interesting comparison.
  7. I wonder what Harvey Elliot eats. A food diary would be helpful for the fans.
  8. Even when it’s blended in a soup or a sauce or casserole ? Does he just have egg and chips ?
  9. Curtis time of the season When love runs high In this time, give it to me easy And let me try with pleasured hands To take you in the sun to promised lands To show you every one Curtis time of the season for loving
  10. I’d have any one of Jones, Brewster or Elliot in Origi’s place as first choice forward sub. Maybe even Neco Williams up there.
  11. There's Nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs
  12. Falconhoof

    EU Referendum

    Ulysses 31 had a good bit of philosophy in it. I don’t remember much thought in the Jetsons or Flinstones Sammy.
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