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  1. Not really. They are knackered Can't risk McAllister in particular getting injured.
  2. It's been a tremendous nil nil so far. I'm angry with the ref, and the injury to Grav, but put that aside and we've been great.
  3. Elliot getting bypassed in midfield. Losing Gravenberch is going to cost us today.
  4. Good to see Chilwell has had a shampoo and set. Respecting the occasion
  5. just to see how things pan out, yeah.
  6. Serena Williams is a boarder and a vegetarian. Woody Harrelson too. There doesn't seem to be a type.
  7. They are storming to the league title this season. So, like a CL tie.
  8. Quarabag ? No it's alright, I've brought my own bag.
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