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  1. In this weeks Crooks of the matter, all three of these phrases are used; destroying the game sucking the life out of the game killing the game
  2. I’d sell both. I’d have brought Werner in first though.
  3. I don’t think we’d be hearing about the finer details of the negotiated fee, add-ons, and buy back clause if this wasn’t close to completion.
  4. Coming over here, stealing our dilapidated, disused army camps.
  5. Don’t think I’d want to see that. I know it’s only Lincoln but there’s no future for Milner as a CB
  6. Think he’ll be fine tbh. Mad sending off aside they were giving us a game. He’s got some good players.
  7. Team to include Adrian, Neco, Tsimikas, Chamberlain, Jones, Jota, Origi, Elliot....
  8. I don’t want us to move Fab out of defence until one of Gomez and Matip are fully ready. It’s possible though that Virgil and Fabinho is our best pairing.
  9. I think he’s got 10 good GCSEs mate so you might want to rethink that comment. Edit, no that’s Lampard. He got the brains of the family.
  10. Allison has had a beard trim, it’s made him look like Jason against the Argonauts in the smashing 1963 picture
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