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  1. its ok, you are an enabler of racism and white power. I think you should call everyone you know and apologise
  2. well done for being a day older
  3. http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/17/04/640x320/landscape-1485441123-davina-mccall-eric-clapton.jpg she was in her 20s never liked her
  4. what are kids asking for this Christmas? Mine are 20 (m), 13 (f) and 8 (f) Any ideas what to get them ?
  5. you don't know them, they go to another school
  6. I'd give Tsimikas a go at RB, we've got to be getting more out of a fresh, hardly played international defender with the state this squad is in.
  7. There are other teams with momentum that we will struggle to find now. Think City will win the lot this year, just because of strength in depth.
  8. I’d probably take £150 for it tbh
  9. I’ve just dug my old Claude Butler San Remo out of the garage. Where is best to sell a ‘vintage’ bike ?
  10. The way they make decisions are just changing by the week.
  11. I dunno. You might be wrong, or mischievous, but ultimately none of this matters, so it’s the eternal struggle to bother to get involved.
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