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  1. Something has been missing since the break. Job done mental switch off could be it Yep, who’ve missed a chance to put everything into another cup for a change. Everything has gone down a fair bit, it’s very weird, way beyond and below a few draws last season
  2. Of course it’s worth winning. We’d given ourselves a great chance not to have to make tough calls between league and others and sadly let it go with a whimper
  3. Started to resemble a team half on the beach, poor concentration, poor basics, and nobody able to raise their level on the pitch to pull the side through, particularly in midfield. With league done, missed a once in a career chance to do something era defining, but most worrying this was something else to get motivated to play for, but so so flat and sloppy, again
  4. Rimbeux

    Welcome Fabinho

    Barely that. It’s lazy which is worrying. The Barclay goal was the second time in 5 mins he completely sold himself with Giroud going for a flick on and took himself out of the game by standing in a pointless place. So far off the level we need it’s terrifying, and getting worse not better with games.
  5. Missed that, but just googled it, doesn’t do either any favours to get personal. Maybe Liga chief sees it as part of his job to publicly lobby against City & PSG owners, and maybe UEFA would be strident without the lobbying, don’t know, but it should be rules yes or no, not club v club or Liga v City
  6. Indeed, David Conn gets a lot of City influencer types trolling him with accusations/insinuations that he’s got an issue with Arabs
  7. They’ve all but refused to acknowledge the UEFA process short of trying to have it halted at CAS. So maybe they’ve got that angle covered or maybe they’ve got nothing else beyond claiming illegitimacy & bias and all this is bluster as the facts are against them.
  8. Unsurprising there’s a lot of, ‘the club must have the goods and now are going to make UEFA grovel for their bias and take FFP down in the process’ takes from City fans. Reminds of how we as a fanbase thought there must be evidence that cleared Suarez such was the confidence coming from the club, but in the end there wasn’t and never was, just standard siege mentality
  9. It’s pure mob behaviour, they won’t acknowledge the right of UEFA to even question them let alone judge or sanction them. Offered no defence beyond ‘you’ve got no right to do this’
  10. Lukaku, Young, Eriksen, Moses, it’s like 1996 in reverse
  11. They planned for him to move back at the start of the summer as Kompany’s replacement, he’s been training at centre back from preseason with Rodri & Gunda being their main holding midfield options now. Think you’re probably right about them thinking he didn’t have another CM season in him, but these are the choices they made
  12. Happens, City can take apart anyone if you don’t put pressure on their defence. 1m of injury time? Was that genuine or the officials treating like a school game?
  13. I know, what the hell was that. Bizarre and dumb
  14. They look a long way off Wolves in terms of set up, no real plan for either stopping their build up play or breaking them down. It’s like the MU coaching is struggling to get even their own basics agreed, let alone deal with what’s in front of them. Can see why they’re just desperate for a playmaker to just give the ball to and sort it all out with the talent they have in attack
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