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  1. Ahh just did a search here and realised it’s mentioned already. Weirdly never heard of it. Seems highly rated on IMDB. Can’t wait to jump in.
  2. Anyone watched Snowfall? Seems there is 6 series on iPlayer and it’s highly rated with comparisons to the Wire. Would love something quality like that to leap into until the evenings get longer.
  3. So on the conveyor belt of returns it's something like this right? Dom Darwin and hopefully Mo are all ready to play some part in either game this week. Jones and Grav are still at least a week or two away? (Maybe the FA cup tie v the mancs?) Then I'm guessing it Ali and Trent at the start of April? (Guessing here) Sometime in the future we'll see Jota (hopefully before the end of the season I guess) Wow, that's 8 world class players.
  4. I can't imagine they are that poor. Just need to do as much as we can that affects the city line up as little as possible without taking the piss and giving ourselves too much to do in the return.
  5. Imagine this is what you chose to do with your free time.
  6. Oh good point. My thinking got clouded thinking of the mancs getting hammered.
  7. Hopefully. Once they’ve handed the points to city I’m happy for city to bag a few more.
  8. Maybe. But he seems to me to be a player who plays well when the team is. He's more a facilitator in a good team rather than an instigator like a Darwin or Suarez. Seem a little short of confidence right now which seems to be the same thing that happened Diaz when it was all on him. Either way we are top of the league and he’s part of that so it’s all good and I’m sure he’s got some big important goals in him this season.
  9. I want us to win the uefa cup! Klopp will sort it. Just need to make sure the team we put out over there is strong enough not to get drubbed and we can win it at home.
  10. Brilliant again. Plays the hybrid role like he’s been doing it for years. Great at the back. Brilliant down the wing. Totally comfortable tucking in beside the 6 and dangerous bursting forward. Hell of a footballer.
  11. Romario

    Joe Gomez

    He’s been truly exceptional all season. None of what we are doing could have happened without him being able to fill in everywhere to such a high level. Remarkable season. I’m so happy for him. He’s had hard times over the years so it’s great to see him experience and perseverance pay off.
  12. Total calm when it mattered. Brilliant ball.
  13. My God what an end to the game. I’m exhausted. What a fella!
  14. Jesus I was hoping for better than that to be honest. These injuries are going to catch up with us at some stage. Hopefully we can ride it out today but it seems to be taking forever. Hopefully Virg can rouse the troops yet again. 2-0 us.
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