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  1. Romario


    I want to see comprehensive testing before I’m willing to risk my life for Boris. Like I’m going to pay a fine.
  2. Romario


    Listening to the radio today, I’m more convinced than ever that sending our kids back to school in September on the advice of this government is a massive massive mistake. Reckon I’m gonna pull mine out till xmas as see what happens. He wants to go back and I want him out of my hair at this stage but it’s not worth it. It’ll be a massive pain in the a*** but I trust Boris as much as I trust Trump. Absolutely everything Boris has done regarding Covid has been wrong so far so I’m not risking it. Without proper testing which the uk doesn’t have it’s a pointless endeavour.
  3. Romario


    My intention is reducing risk for everyone. The risk would be hughly reduced as the numbers would be lower in classes if a % were at home or rotated. It's the same approach to working from home. If you can you should as it lowers the chances of catching it for everyone. Unless it's absolutly necessary and there is no other option people should be isolating as best they can until we know more. So should every person who can work from home be forced back to work regardless of it creating far more danger for everyone as it's fairer? BTW I'm bursting for my son to go back to school but as soon as a second wave comes we'll all be back in lockdown again and that needs planning for.
  4. Romario


    How are they going to have reduced numbers in each class? More teachers?
  5. Romario


    I was saying that those who need to go in can. Those that don't dont. Hense it reduces the numbers in large classrooms and helps everyone.
  6. Romario


    Until the next lockdown.
  7. Romario


    So those with Kids what are you doing come September? I'm 50/50 on sending my son back to primary school. I have no faith whatsoever in what this government proposes. There is no way they will be able to have smaller classrooms as they don't have room. I can't understand why they don't offer up zoom classes (or whatever software) for those who want to stay at home. Surely that would lower the classroom numbers for those that are comfortable or need/want to send their kids back. The kids could check in for 15 minutes twice a day either individually or as small groups with the assistant or the teacher.
  8. Romario


    Terrible news Hassony. Sorry for your loss.
  9. Love the new balance kits. Especially the last one. Had a real retro vibe to it which felt fitting when winning the league.
  10. Romario


    My company released this today. Trying to keep some staff with no work busy. https://www.animationmagazine.net/shorts/dneg-feature-animation-crafts-a-heartfelt-thanks-to-healthcare-workers/
  11. Is it 5 subs next season? Different game now the front 3 are on.
  12. Romario


    I wonder if Matt Le Tissier wears a seat belt?
  13. Ahh maybe. Hopefully. Always like lallana.
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