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  1. I hear Jota scored. Tell me when I can get excited and celebrate. This season is a big load of s***e.
  2. Missus bought a Motorola g8. It’s ridiculously cheap at under 200 quid. Seems like a really good phone. Then just bought a giff gaff contract for 15 quid a month.
  3. Think how well we did with a brilliant forward line and crap at the back under rodgers. We just need to our score everyone until vvds return.
  4. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    I’d love to see a ban where the player thats committed a cynical challenge is banned from playing until the player fully recovers.
  5. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    Along side vvd though . He really carries the whole back line. He’s the brains and more importantly the calm. The annoyance of this injury is that it feels it was kinda on purpose and we know Everton fans are secretly loving it. it would be just as gutting but more digestible if he did it running or in an honest 50/50. As it is it’s a s*** player enjoying the best thing he’s done in his career, which is destroying a world class players career. I hope someone uses his head for a football in a 50/50
  6. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    Shearer Gomez. ings x2 I think.
  7. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    Agreed but Thiago can do that for us. A shift of focal points.
  8. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    I want someone to take his head off at anfield pretending to go for the ball.
  9. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    f***in hell. Totally grim. I thought I’m too old and grown up to hate players anymore but...
  10. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    If he’s out and we have to rely on Matip and Gomez then I’ll laugh if the season gets cancelled.
  11. Romario

    Welcome VvD

    Covid lock downs. Full no deal brexit. Vvd injured.
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