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  1. Pippen seems like a top guy. Always there. Quiet. But always delivers year in year out. Kerr seems like a top fella too.
  2. Romario


    So four hours hanging out in your garden and then they go? Don’t know why this so interests me. So what did they do in the garden for all those hours? What did you do? Hide or make idle chat for four hours?
  3. Romario


    What time do they get up to get to yours that early? This is fasinating. What a weird time to rock up to someones house. Are you meant to entertain them all day?
  4. A mate who loves Basketball explained it like this to me as I had the same thoughts about the scoring. He said that you're expected to score everytime, but it's about the defence breaking the opposition attack and countering.
  5. Wow apologies indeed. Don't know where my heads at lately. I've been massivly distracted due to my work situation. I was sure I even searched before hand!😬 Ffs's
  6. Anyone watched "The last Dance" about Michael Jordan on Netflix? I'm not a massive basket fan but it's really really interesting to watch the politics behind closed doors.
  7. Romario


    So basket ball is now ok as long as you're 2 meters apart. 🙄
  8. Romario


    All local shops near me bar one have remained open. Only recently have they done the 1 in 1 out rule. I'm imgining they are doing really really well as everyone who works in the center of London are now shopping locally.
  9. Romario


    Judging by my local park we’ll see the second wave in about 10 days time. Full scale multiple football matches going on and big groups of folks all hanging out eating and drinking together.
  10. Romario


    They never mentioned face masks before as they knew they'd get into loads of s***e as none were available. Rather than protect the population they were protecting themselves. Now they are telling people to make their own and wear them. Unreal.
  11. Romario


    They can't even send a more simple link to making a mask like this one.
  12. Romario


    Well that was bulls***. So go to work if you can and try and not catch it.
  13. So yesterday my son asks me if I can hear the sound of a mosquito device ( those devices that people install to move along teenagers. Not sure if they are legal.) He had a link to it on YouTube and I couldn’t hear it at all but he could. His friends were playing around with it and sending it to each other on WhatsApp. He said it’s a horrible sound and he’s started to hear it in our garden. So I looked it up and apparently there is something called an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. We have neighbours who are quite “particular” about their garden and I reckon they bought one as she mentioned our cat came into her garden the other day which she wasn’t happy about at all. No idea if it works on animals. It supposedly buzzes every 30 seconds or so. So now he’s not going outside and prefers to sit inside as the sound is so annoying. So how would you broach this with a neighbour you’ve had a little bit of history with ?
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